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Alex Jones negative about Ron Paul's chances every day

A couple of weeks ago I brought up that Alex Jones keeps saying "Even if he (Ron Paul) doesn't win...." and that he was being negative by saying that (confessing negatively for any Christians out there.
Well, a lot of people on DP jumped on me about it.
I have found he says it almost every day.
He just did it again today, Jan 11.
"Even if he doesn't win..."
"Even if he doesn't win..."
"Even if he doesn't win..."
"Even if he doesn't win..."
"Even if he doesn't win..."
That really isn't that different from saying:
"he can't win"
or "he wont win"
Alex Jones keeps saying it and I am so tired of it.
I've got just two words for Alex Jones.
President Paul!
so, Alex...if that's what you want to keep saying, just don't say anything.
Oh boy, now he's into a windbag ramble about how many zillions of girlfriends he had when he was younger.
Wow. I'm so impressed at how promiscuous you were Alex.
Click. I just turned off the broadcast...
and I've listened to him since his voice was
normal (pre-gravel) and infowars was just a little
home-based website.

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So Glad you brought this up...

Most of these guys are negative. Alex Jones maybe doesn't understand that He suffers from a lack of Light in his life since he deals with the negative most of the time. Yet the beauty of your comment is that YOU are filled with Light. And those filled with Light actually do cause the darkness to vanish. It is like going into a cellar which has no lights but when we strike a match the darkness rushes away. Ron Paul has managed to transfer his light to the many RP supporters and they in turn transfer light to those whom they come into contact with. I think as you do that it is President Ron Paul NOW! In others words Ron Paul is already the President of the United States. God Bless our President and God Bless the United States of America.

fearless brave joyful peaceful loving grateful, compassionate