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Luke Rudkowski gets Newt Gingrich - Deer in the headlights moment!


And before anyone complains about theories, this is fact. A rather uncomfortable one for the attendees. Wonder what all those folks touting Newt's "values" would think about it?

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It's not like its a secret

It's not like its a secret or anything. i used to live in Nor Cal. you can just drive right up to it. There is a main road that is not even blocked off for about 300 feet or so before you get to the very unassuming guard shack.

My wife and i were curious, and one day we drove right up the road to the main entrance.

If it's not a secret- why

If it's not a secret- why isn't the news openly talking about it?

and why is Newt acting like it doesn't exist?

The location isn't secret...

...it's what goes on beyond the guard that needs to be disclosed.

Look at it another way- many have a great concern about exactly what the masters are doing there and why. Assuming they aren't being paid by lobbyists to be there then the funds being expended are from tax payers.

Whatever is done in darkness will be made manifest by the light.

We have a right to know what they're doing. And, like the new expression we've all heard so many times;

"If they've done nothing wrong then they have nothing to worry about".

I wonder how opinions about certain politicians would change if all the Bible Belt folks knew about BG?

This I can be sure of- if Ron Paul wasn't there then neither would I.


That's not quite true, what goes on there is secret because they don't allow the media in and they don't talk about what goes on there publicly. So it is pretty secret

it's private property


You can't walk right in because it is private property.

What's the problem with that?

The fact of the existence of the Bohemian Grove isn't a secret now and never has been a secret.

The facts of what goes on inside aren't known to many but the members...and how much of what goes on inside your home, or mine, is known to all?

Private property is private property. Doesn't make for a plot to control the world.

I'm not saying that bums don't meet there; obviously the membership list isn't filled with wonderful people. But then, neither are the halls of congress.

Pix of N00t en route

to BG 1995 http://www.sonic.net/~kerry/bohemian/gingrich.html

And at BG with both Bushs in '95http://truthquake.com/2011/08/03/bohemian-grove-2011-ends-illuminati-agenda-leaks-video/

Whether it's evil or harmless fun - he lied.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

"Fortunately for

Wow, that is a great website you linked to!: http://www.sonic.net/~kerry/bohemian/

They have everybody's jets and everything!

"Fortunately for photographers and other onlookers, Speaker Gingrich stopped for several minutes closer in before proceeding on to the Bohemian Grove. He schmoozed, flirted, held infants, and signed autographs. Gingrich was travelling with one of his Congressional allies, Representative David Dreier (Republican, Claremont, California), who is seen at the left of the photo above right. Dreier's press spokesman said the two Congressmen stopped earlier that day elsewhere in California. Gingrich gave a speech at the Grove."

nice find

my brother worked at that airport for a short spell back in the 80s.


This thread is relevant because Newt Gingrich is and has been in the past a member of this elitist establishment club, so anyone saying otherwise needs to do a little research!

This makes us look crazy

Having this up here on the front page makes us all look crazy, yes they still do try and say that we are conspiracy theorists, that last time was as recent as the newsletter hysteria. Thank god this Luke wasn't wearing a Ron Paul shirt! We know that the grove exists, and world elites go there and spend weeks together, and they possibly may even do naked stuff(maybe Nixon just mean it was "Faggy", excuse my language, simply because of the robes, and singing during the cremation of care ritual. But the point is even if that is true that is a conspiracy theory that sounds completely nuts, its hard enough to convince people of the Federal Reserve conspiracy, if you tell them the president meets for 2 weeks with the world elites and has gay sex with each other while praying to an owl while re-creating a human sacrifice ceremony!No one is going to belief anything else that comes out of your mouth. I have a sense of humor but that why this thing sucks!

yes, agreed. ...and most of

yes, agreed. ...and most of it is true, but serves NO purpose for us for the reasons you stated.


I see what your saying, but the BG isn't a conspiracy theory, its not big foot, or the lock nest monster or aliens or chupacabras. Its a real institution and Newt was a member. Fact!! Nothing more nothing less.


And somehow it was okay to talk about what Herman Cain was doing in private...or what other politicians like Anthony Weiner do in private...or what Tiger Woods did in private. That wasn't wacky, that didn't make us look bad.

But to go against the grain of the the MSM is talking about!? And discuss a candidate's private life?

We must be nuts.

Feels like the old days

I know it can't last but we really had some fun times when no subject was off limits.Ive talked to a ton of Evangelicals and I've never heard one talk about how they couldn't vote for Dr. Paul because of conspiracy talk. The only thing I ever hear is legalizing drugs and foreign policy are their number one issues otherwise they would vote for him, but I respect Michael Nystrom enough to stick to election stories.It did help to pass the time the last few years though.

To those who think the grove is insignificant:

Imagine your neighbor did the activities (cremation of care, naked lunches, etc) in his yard and then ran for mayor. Do you think it might come up at some point? Would it influence your opinion of his state of mind?
I think it matters a lot. It bugs the heck out of me how many of our political slave masters are into the occult and secret societies and how they seem to choose who the people get to choose from. To me it's a big deal.

But nobody in South Carolina would care.

It wouldn't hurt Newt's numbers there whatsoever if the evangelicals knew he was into this stuff. Right?

So we should believe everyone on this thread who says it's a non-issue.


Lets go over facts!!

Fact-BG is a real institution, with real people who influence policy in the US! Fact!!

Fact-BG is attended by some of the most powerful people in media,academia,defense,politics !

Fact- It is secret!!! The members are not allowed to talk about it publicly!!

Fact- People like Alan Greenspan and Newt Gingrich are members!! They have been photographed there!!

Fact- Its not healthy for a free society to have an elite meet in secret determining policy!!!

That did nothing for us...

That did nothing for us...

Who is John Galt? Vote ███ ███ 2012!

Gotta love Luke, bold and

Gotta love Luke, bold and confident, he's more of a journalist than anyone in the Old Man Media that's for sure.

He does great work exposing who the real fringe kooky people are. Who's "fringe" and "kooky"? Is it Ron Paul, a patriot actually doing what he says promoting constitutional government out in the open, or is it Newt and his buddies secretly violating the Logan act while doing mock human sacrifices at a homoerotic forest party?

To say this debaucherous power lust fest is insignificant is, well, kooky.

Why is this even posted here?

Why is this even posted here? It only acts as fodder against RP for the established. Mods, please remove this.

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Well Rop Paul is against the establishment

And it doesn't get any more establishment than the Bohemian Grove my friend!

We need the establishment

We need the establishment Republican voters to win. If they think Ron Paul adheres to these conspiracies, say goodbye to the nomination.

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Surprise Surprise!!!

Well whataya know?! Bohemian Grove- Alex Jones confronted Gergen about the matter and Gergen was quite surprised and nervous of the things Jones told him and asked him.

So here's the bottom line- Bohemian Grove is attended by men of "power" in this country and Nixon called it "the most blankety-blank faggy thing...."

So then, it's a sodomite party? Are the men that attend it gay? And these men run this country?! I wouldn't doubt it.

I wonder if they play "Let's surround Lot's house"?

There's a tremendous amount of information about B.G. on the web and in books.

that was a classic ambush interview

Gergen was startled because it was an ambush interview, then he got mad cause he thought Alex made some confidentiality pledge to the grove and violated it.

It was never "oh my God you exposed our secret club".

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Would you prefer that Gergen, et al

were given the questions beforehand so they could be prepared to deliver a teleprompter response?

not criticizing or defending

just pointing out a fact. gergen wasn't alarmed about "Bohemian Grove". complete lie to describe the video like that.

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I'll count your response as avoiding my question.

Yeah, right.

Nonsense. If Gergen "had nothing to hide" and if BG wasn't "Sodom and Gomorrah West" then surely Gergen wouldn't been so surprised.

Violation of secrecy to the powers that be is only a concept that needen't be followed except when expedient.

Gergen is a huge internationalist

Famously had to resign from Trilateral, etc when he went into the Clinton admin. there's a million reasons to criticize him.

Have YOU EVER BEEN CAMPING? With men? Do you know how (we all) act? There's no proof of anything horribly evil here.

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Have you ever been naked camping with billionaires

and made sure to dress in robes to attend the ritual cremation of a young boy? I've never been on a camping trip like that so I wouldn't know if its normal or not. The guys I go with are usually more into fishing, lying and drinking some beers. I can only recall one naked moment when Tommy got so drunk he lost his pants in the woods after a late night potty trip. But honestly, we never even did any human sacrifice rituals either so we probably don't even camp right at all.