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Easy Flyer to Print Promoting Ron Paul... And the Daily Paul

There's no replacement for sending those high quality Super Brochures or making signs. But sometimes we need a little gorilla marketing for people who may not have the resources to make or purchase those sort of things but still want to help. I'm thinking mainly college kids who post flyers in their dorms or around town.

All you have to do is print and cut along the tabs at the bottom so people have a way of tearing off information telling them to google Ron Paul or visit the dailypaul.com. These can be printed and copied easily and then disseminated all over.


Downloadable PDF version for printing:

Anyhow, nothing too fancy here. It's supposed to look like a missing dog kind of flyer in the hopes of grabbing attention. Enjoy. Oh, and please be cautious of leaving these things places that may appear to be littering. Our objective isn't to turn people off. Post responsibly. :)

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