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Neil Cavuto just suggested Rand Paul for Romney VP

In an interview during his show.

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i live in KY

and a few weeks ago...maybe during IA or NH...the local news mentioned the same thing...i dont really know how i feel about it...

you seem like a nice enough guy,

Neil, but for the last time....
Ron Paul or none at all.

"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul

I don't think that would

I don't think that would happen (based on some anecdotal conversations I've had with people).

Plus, we need Rand to stay in the Senate...for now.

Only the acceptance of the truth can defeat systemic evil.

I have no price ---RP is it.....as far as I'm

concerned we are a communist country...compared to when I grew up. I, like others will be leaving the USA if Ron does not get in.

Why should I watch my real estate and everything else depreciate further when I could go to an economy that is booming because of fewer rules and regulations?


That'w What I've Been Thinking Myself....

Something will be done to appease the Paulistinians......But unless there is REAL POWER TO CHANGE THINGS ATTACHED,I don't see it working...

Ron Paul'08

No one but Ron Paul right

No one but Ron Paul right now. Not even his son. Maybe when Rand runs his own presidential campaign in the future.

"The true Patriot will repeal the Patriot Act..." - Ron Paul.

The Price of My Vote

is way higher than being thrown that bone.

Rand ain't Ron. Don't play that game. Show me the money...

It would be

wild to have the vice president elected like the original Constitution had it before the Twelth Amendment. Then I think a third party run would be more viable. Let's say Romney won the Republican Party nomination. Obama Democratic. Ron Paul could run third party. He then could have a chance to become president or vice president under the original set up. Vice President meant more. They would be an advocate of the opposing parties views. The constitution was designed to have conflict amongst the branches of government.... I myself would like to see the 12th amendment and the 17th amendment repealed!

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Obama IS A COMMUNIST. And so is most of



Do you have a link for this

Do you have a link for this particular show? If true...I would criticize Cavuto for offering a political opinion and choice of VP at all.

Well, okay, better than the

Well, okay, better than the Grinch or Frothy.

And VP is a nice start for a presidential campaign.

But right now we have to work at getting delegates.

Power brokers think this will ensure the RP vote goes to Mitt

I have heard this idea bandied about by certain mainstream talking heads for about a month now... ever since we proved without a doubt that we are a significant voting base. Rand was voted highly as a VP possibility at CPAC this year too. Now they are market testing the idea.

Truth is this is proof the GOP knows they need us. I hope Rand tells them no way. He doesn't need them and should keep his hands clean for a 2016 run. If they try to pull this maneuver, I will write Ron Paul in with my own blood if I have to. I will NEVER concede to Mitt, Newt, Rick or Obama on any basis. I will not be placated with crumbs and condescending overtures. Ron Paul is my president for life and I will not be fooled into voting for charlatans... even if they try to dangle Rand like a carrot in front of me.

I will write Ron Paul in with my own blood if I have to.

Dude, thats the best phrase I have heard yet

Your Kidding -

Why would anyone entertain the idea of permanently staining the reputation of Rand? It would also take away the only voice that we would have in the Senate.

This is nothing but promoting the idea that Ron Paul has no chance so maybe Rand can be a consolation.


Gene Louis
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Obviously, Rand would never

Obviously, Rand would never take such an appointment.

BMWJIM's picture

I would hope not. If it is not Ron

Paul for President then it will be Obama this year. Rand MUST wait until 2016. Then the Republican idiots will realize how serious we are. Then Rand will win.

Ron or Obama. Their choice. For me it is Ron or Gary. Period.


1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.

Am I wrong?

Am I wrong?

The VP is basically in charge of the Legislative Branch. Because it wasn't always a GOP/GOP or Dem/Dem ticket. It used to be GOP/Dem or Dem/GOP split the power. Am I wrong? So Rand would hold much more power over the legislate than he does now as a Senator.

You're right

but it was quickly identified as a problem and the current ticket structure was implemented by the 11th or 12 amendment.

The founders didn't really anticipate the ideological split into the 2 party system and the clashes it would cause. Many of them believed that each large state would have a candidate and that the Presidency would be decided in the House nearly every year.

I think you have that

I think you have that confused with the Majority Leader, currently that animal is Harry Reid. The VP is ceremonial only, and votes to break ties in the senate. I'd rather have Rand Paul as Senator than VP. However Rand will make his own decision. I think it's highly probable (100% probable) if Romney wins the nomination he seek Rand for the VP spot. I cannot and will not not vote for a Romney/Paul ticket but I wouldn't be opposed to it either.

Well now there is a good point!

Can you elaborate

Grace be to you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ.

In The LORD Jesus Christ;

"where the Spirit of the LORD is, there is liberty." 2 Cor. 3:17


I don't understand all the

I don't understand all the negativity on this site?

The way I see it is if Romney asks Rand to be his VP, Rand would only do it if his father agreed to it.

PLUS, if Ron doesn't win the nomination, chances are Obama will get reelected AND Rand would become the new conservative media darling, just like Sarah Palin was after McCain asked her to be his VP in 08'.

It doesn't matter who Romney picks, Obama will most likely get reelected, so if Romney asked Rand to be his VP, Rand will have a TON of steam coming into the 2016 elections.

I'm all for it.

What if

Romney does win? Then we're stuck with him for 4-8 years followed by a dem for 4-8 years....so you're looking at a possible 16 year period before anyone that would really make a difference would step into office.

That's a BIG "what if"... We

That's a BIG "what if"...

We all know that the only candidate that can beat Obama is Ron, so if Romney gets the nomination and picks Rand as his VP, Obama will win again. Good!

This way Rand comes in in 2016 and runs the show.

Am I the only one that sees this? I don't get it...

Yes, that is right...we don't need this at all...


Rand wouldn't do it

V.P has nothing to do..They can't introduce legislation..They go to meeting and thing's the President can't do..Rand won't go for that!

That would make me PUKE!

And, I would consider it traitorous for him to do that to his dad...


That...I'll never vote for Romney...even with Rand as a VP. Paul wouldn't endorse anyone unless they came his way...i hope anyways. Even in a pigs could fly world where Paul would endorse Romney...i still wouldn't vote for the guy..love Paul, but i can think for myself.

Vote in ranked-ballot fun-poll for Ron Paul's vice president!

Vote in ranked-ballot fun-poll for Ron Paul's vice president!


That was fun

My vote counted! (for Chuck Baldwin!)

Thank you for giving me the fun of doing this!

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They want Rand as Romney's vp

They want Rand as Romney's vp and for Ron to drop out and endorse Romney. Dr. Paul would never endorse him and we'd never vote for him. Wishful thinking on their part. I can't het over how people think that the main objective is alley getting Obama out of office. ( any typos are due to my phone)