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Indiana: FRIDAY is deadline to apply as delegate

The deadline to apply as a delegate is Friday, 12 PM (noon). Please apply IN PERSON before 12 PM Friday.

Go to your County Election Board before 12 PM on Friday and tell them that you want to file as a candidate for delegate to the State Convention.

They will help you fill out the form.

Here is the form you will need to fill out:

If you have any questions, send an email to Melissa at INDelegates@ronpaul2012.com.

If you did not vote Republican in the last primary, make sure you let the person helping you fill out the form know. They will give you extra instructions.

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FRIDAY 12 PM is deadline

If you have not filed as a delegate, please make plans to go to your County Election Board before 12 PM Friday.

The form must be

RECEIVED by your County Election Board by 12 pm on February 10.



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Where are all the Indiana supporters?

The deadline is February 10.

All you need to do is fill out ONE simple form to have a chance to become a candidate to the Indiana State Convention in Indianapolis.



please sticky this

it's important



I didn't know

which thread to ask this question in. 4 years ago seems like a lifetime ago to me. Did the other candidates give their delegates to the leader back then as they dropped out? Are they allowed to do that? I slightly remember something about Huckabee making a deal in W.V. with Paul. Thanks to anyone who can answer this.



"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."


Excellent info. Thanks.

Deadline to apply to become

a State Convention Delegate is February 10.

If you are in Indiana, please apply to become a delegate. You have nothing to lose.





Is there really no downside

Is there really no downside to this? As in, if there are circumstances in which the delegate can't make it to the convention or pay the fee, there is no penalty or downside to simply not going? What happens if that person doesn't show up?

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There is no downside

People not showing up is a common occurrence. There are even delegates to the NATIONAL convention who don't show up. That's why there are alternate delegates who can take the place of the delegate.

If you cannot make it to the State Convention, I'm not 100% sure but I think the State GOP will find a replacement or leave the position vacant.

If you have any questions

please ask.


I read that you have to win an election amongst other candidates. How does that process work? Who is voting? Either way, I am in...


When you file as a candidate, your name gets placed on the primary election ballot (same one as the Presidential election) within your precinct.

If you are the only person within your precinct that files as a candidate, you win by default (which happens a lot) and your name will not be on the ballot.

If your precinct gets to elect 2 delegates and 2 people file as candidates within your precinct, you both win by default. If more than 2 people file as candidates, then the top 2 vote getters become delegates.

Remember the form must be RECEIVED by noon on February 10. You should definitely hand deliver the form.