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Idea, Computer whizzes

Can any of you make huge pie charts? The info should read something like " If Romney wins these are the people he will have to pander too or pay off". Then detail his Donner's. Then do the same with Ron's. Military and Grassroots Americans.

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fyi this is an excellent tool

fyi this is an excellent tool for making interactive data visualizations


some examples of what can be done with it:

- Grow Mushrooms at Home


I will look into this.

Just gotta get the numbers and a pie chart is simple.

I have never used Open Office but I found out in about 30seconds how to do it, so if you have the numbers I bet you tons of people could do this.

*UPDATE* I found a really interesting page on OpenSecrets.org... take a look for yourself, gives you a list of all his donors... those $5,000 donations seem pretty common. http://www.opensecrets.org/pres12/search.php?cid=N00000286&n...

bumping this

If I knew how I would do it myself.

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It's a good idea...

Most of us around here can do it, time permitting so I am helping with a bump to catch someone's attention who likes tinkering with spreadsheets...

Speaking of which... Anyone know where Chowda went? I miss his breakdowns...

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for the bump it needs help!


I Thank you in advance!