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@MentionMachine on Washington Post shows Paul as way ahead on Tweets! Keep Tweeting!

I followed a link from Google to the Washington Post PostPolitics page to read a story about Dr. Paul when I noticed the @MentionMachine bar at the bottom. Of course it didn't show Dr. Paul's name but I started flipping through the entries to find his name...and it was GREAT to see - Check out these totals from this last week:

375,320 Ron Paul
229,699 Mitt Romney
205,942 Rick Santorum
143,575 Barack Obama
93,054 Rick Perry
77,281 Newt Gingrich
60,062 Jon Huntsman

To all those tweeting for Ron Paul - you are doing a great job - keep it up and let's make sure we keep distance between him and all the others!

I love the sound "President Paul"!


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