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Does Bain own Fox News ? Fox Business ? or Fox News Radio ?

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Clear Channel

Bain owns Clear Channel Radio and a big chunk of the 2nd largest radio conglomerate. Most of those are linked in to local and regional tv markets. If you look, you will probably find that their stock holders are Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, JPM, BOA, etc. Those owners of Romney also own big chunks of stock in Gannett Publishing - owner of the DesMoines Register for example. Before they endorsed Romney in Iowa, these predator companies were selling blocks of stock, dropping the share price of Gannett & the Des Moines Register. After the endorsement, little by little they started buying it back. I think that is election tampering in some form.
I suspect the governor of Iowa is probably owned or influenced by the same corporate owners.

Look at the list of Bain interests. Included, you should find offshore hedge funds, where Romney hides some of his money from taxes.

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