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HUGE News for Ron Paul: Florida May Allow Proportional Delegates!

Had no idea this was posted last night.

But, this is HUGE! 50 delegates up for vote. Guess FL state govt wanted our business: TV/radio/intenet AD money, food & lodging, hotel & restaurants, taxes. yup it's all about the money for them, all about spreading Principles of Freedom for us.


HUGE NEWS FOR RON PAUL: Florida May Allow Proportional Delegates
Grace Wyler | Jan. 10, 2012, 10:08 PM | 5,199 | 22

This could be huge for Ron Paul.

Jesse Benton, Ron Paul's campaign chair, is saying that there are reports Florida may announce tomorrow that they plan to allow proportional delegates.

Here's what that means.

Traditionally Florida is a winner take all state. Meaning whoever wins the primary there gets all the delegates. If they change the rules and divide up the delegates proportionally among the top finishers — and it has been rumored in the past they were considering it — it means that Ron Paul could compete in Florida.

"We were always going to compete there, the question was whether we were going to compete with just the grassroots or whether we pump in a lot of TV money, a lot of extra mail, and things like that," Benton told Business Insider. "It's looking more and more like Florida is going to award the delegates proportionally by Congressional district and that means a lot more of the delegates are going to be in play. So it's likely that we are going to invest more resources, and play harder there."

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Should be no change in strategy

Steady as she goes, all it means is that he'll get more than 0 delegates so it's a net win.

Any news on this?

This would be great if it's true.

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The Florida GOP is as underhanded and corrupt as Chicago

Their "proportioned" delegates will be chosen by them, and NONE will be Paul supporters. I guarantee it.

The Florida GOP HATES Paul. I lived there.

They will lure in the Florida campaigning money with this bait and switch, and then screw Paul.

They pulled some shady legal maneuvers to oust Paul supporters from GOP positions.

I bet they somehow miraculously unbind their proportional delegates after they fill all the slots with GOP vetted Romney supporters.

What should we

expect from flip-floppers?

Announcement tomorrow?

Assemble strike team!

truth liberate


Hope they change the rules.

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heard this, could be a waste

heard this, could be a waste of money anyways... Of course, maybe thats what the GOP insiders want.