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SC Senator Jim DeMint urges Republicans to listen to Ron Paul

Jim DeMint

Great article to show anyone in S. Carolina that is on the fence. Jim DeMint receives a lot of respect in the state and this will help any of the fence sitters:



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In other words, DeMint wants Romney to co-opt Paul's message.

And the Republican Party to co-opt Paul's message. Not such a good article.

They might co-opt the message, but they wont follow through.

DeMint is a 'party girl'. If

DeMint is a 'party girl'. If he was any kind of stand-up guy he would endorse his 'friend' Ron Paul. He always has great things to say about Ron Paul's policies.
But DeMint is going to find out that Americans won't vote for another conman like Obamney.

You can be assured he's being pressed

but still claims he will not endorse.

I think he's just chicken right now, waiting on SC to catch up to Liberty (again). You know the old Mark Twain quote about "the beginning of change"? DeMint is just "timid". I have somewhat of faith in him though...

Freedom is not: doing everything you want to.
Freedom is: not having to do what you don't want to do.
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Supports Romney ...

Saw him say it on utube.



That was from 2008,

I don't believe DeMint has endorsed anyone as of now. I could be wrong...his endorsement may have slipped through the cracks if he did endorse. But I remember him saying that he will hold back on endorsing for some time.


If he supported him then, why would Demint not support Mitt now?

Demint stands to gain huge if he supports and endorses Romney imo. I guess time will tell.


win win

because it will sap Gingrich and Perry and finish Santorum's run - could finish Perry as well. If Paul gets the nod, JD endorsed the nominee. If Romney gets the nod, JD did him a favor and helped narrow the field. JD wins either way.


I was going to edit my comment after I read it again but was too late.

I agree with you.


I supported Romney in 2008

I don't now :-)

Like you said...only time will tell

I believe when the Tea Party got into full gear, DeMint realized he can win by sticking to his convictions as opposed to sticking to compromise. Thus his strong support for Rand and going against Mitch McConnell during that dynamic period (2010).

But we'll have to see what he does. Maybe that whole Tea Party era is ending? I hope not. All in all, this article is excellent news for Ron Paul!