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Mr. Wead and Dr. Paul - Questions for you to answer, and ask Mitt Romney

Since I have enjoyed sharing and spreading the word on this forum more than talking on it, I doubt you know anything about my enthusiasm for the campaign. However, I am EXTREMELY excited about the Revolution you are bringing to this country, and the damage you are going to do to the establishment's status quo.

Obviously more could be said, but I'll get to the point.

There are going to be several things that will be JUMPING out at President Paul during his first year, but I don't know if any that will be as loud and pronounced as the medical field. (ie. 2009)
Being in a family of nurses myself, I am VERY familiar with the degredation of our medical care to-date, and even more familiar with the damage that Medicare has done. Furthermore, I'm also familiar with the higher quality of small-practice medicine, and the care and trust that such programs provide their communities.

The problem is, how are we (and I mean you) going to lead the hospitals into REVERSING their direction, and disbanding medical conglomerates?

That question is going to be brought up sooner or later, and it is going to bring to bear your ability to lead, and change things through the office of President.

~~~~~~~~ Now, I said I had questions you might ask Romney..

As we're all painfully (or delightfully) aware, Romney has accepted the support and sponsorship of McCain, and thereby acknowledged his ABSOLUTE alignment with the establishment(now politically, as well as financially). All of us that are paying attention have suspected that he will be a puppet for sometime, but this pretty much signs the contract.
Therefore, my first question is, are you going to be bringing his sponsorships to light any time soon?!?
I know that campaign statagem involves timing and eloquence, but we need more bullets to use in the field, and they arn't easily recognized as damaging until you use them on the big screen... so please, .. sooner than later if you don't mind.

Second question; why are the Old Folk voting for Romney?
Oh, right, you haven't pointed out that Social Security is going to dissolve under another 4 years of our current spending rates. ... :(

So the question is, why arn't you bringing up the subject of Social Security in interviews or debates?
I know that Social Security is mostly a democratic issue, but anyone that is paying attention should know that you offer a system that will RESPECT and ACKNOWLEDGE the responsibility and obligation that our government owes to those that have paid into it.

PLEASE bring to light the fact that you're the only candidate in the race that can solidify the SS system, and maintain the payments for those that depend so heavily on them.

Thank you for your time, and I hope you have a great day!

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Until someone can give me ANY reason that these points are not some VASTLY under-rated talking points, I'm going to bump my own post until I get some response.

We have EVERY reason to be connecting with the older crowd, and should be able to win their hearts over in less than a couple of sentences.

Dr. Paul is talking about your SS point now

I just saw one or two interviews where he made exactly that point about being the only one with a plan to protect those entitlement programs from looming collapse, even while also wanting to phase them out over time.

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

Connecting the dots

The average Joe and Jane don't seem to be able to connect the words "Entitlements" and "Social Security". Not to mention, when you drop that word it perks up the ears of everyone age 50 thru 108.

This is NOT a point I feel the Paul campaign should be vague about, or quiet. It should be a HUGE selling point, especially since the elderly is one of our worst demographics.