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Dennis Prager: Ron Paul is sickening

NeoCon Dennis Prager goes off on a tirade and calls Ron Paul 'sickening', and goes on to also say that Ron Paul "doesn't have wrong views, he has bad views". This is an insult to all of us and the american people in favor of liberty!

Just FYI, I've recently started posting these Anti-RP clips of the media to try and expose them. Social Media is the only hope for Ron Paul, we need to take advantage of it! Please help me spread this video around!

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the curse of Ron Paul...

everybody who speaks of Ron Paul that way they find themselves at the bottom, after the election its over with for the likes of Hannity, O'Rielly etc...


man they know nothing about America, not one thing, Iam a white Southern male from Tennessee and this guy would not give me the time of day or nor would he give a African Ameerican, people are tired of these clowns, sharpton, O'Rielly etc hey you all Go and get a Job!!!

Social media is the only hope for Ron Paul?

Well we're screwed.

Good thing we have people working on becoming delegates to the RNC huh?

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.


I would agree about not giving thee guys too much attention. I think their audiences are dwindling, but this could potentially energize them and give them something to get riled up and fight about.

Let's go around them and focus on their audiences.

Prager is an idiot and a liar

Prager has practically endorsed Romney. At the same time he declares his love for free markets and would declare a national holiday if department of education was closed he blasts Paul. He intentionally picks and twists Paul's words to paint him as a dangerous leftist liberal.

He clearly has agenda and cannot be swayed.

I can't handle any of these guys

Medved, praeger, Bennett, Gallagher, rush and even smerconish. They all are ridiculously biased. I drive home with hope that they will mention rp by name and now it is only to blast him.

Unfortunately, there is some real bias with Medved...who blasts rp over foreign policy. My idea to put him on the defensive is

Michael, you are Jewish right? Yes

Michael you do commercials for visiting Israel, right?

So you would say you have a vested interest in Israel, right?

I thought there was bias there thanks for clearing that up.

Of course it could be construed as anti-Semitic when it's not. Just a factual observation.

US-Pres Restrained.

The US-Pres is restrained from hanging a map in his office.
picked up this link from Rense.com.
"The West Wing - Holy Land Map" -

Sample of Israel First, in the West Wing, White House.

It makes me feel good, because

First they ignore you, been there done that
Then they laugh at you, been there done that
Then they fight you, happening now
Then you win, right around the corner

Guys be very careful about what you write to Dennis

Especially for those who do not know who he is. In my opinion, he is one of the main proponents of the "moral majority" and "intellectuals" of the Christian right and they worship this man and everything he says. My Christian friends will not even consider Ron Paul because they so firmly listen to Praegar and Michael Medved, glen Beck, Laura Ingram... And those types. He will take your words and twist them and ridicule them, as he just did about Ron Paul, or will crucify your faulty logic, emotionalism, poor grammar... He deserves to be called out, I agree, but do not give him any fodder. These listeners of his are who we need to win over and break the spell he h over them.

Just another

Israel-firster traitor.

He's not moral, and he's not in the majority, and he's not intellectual.
He's a twit who tries to scare people into doing his evil plans.


People that think Ron Pauls ideas are "dangerous" despise the American heritage.

It is just as simple as that...


Liberty = Responsibility

Caution + Legal Defense.

GG, thanks for the caution, we are dealing with bats & moles.
There should be a Legal Defense team of Ron Paul supporters. There are laws against libel, defamation & slander. Please send the Prager-type accusers some legal "Show-cause Notice" with a hefty claim,- this is required before you approach the courts. So it does Not cost much and it will scare them from repeating the slander. Learn from ADL = Anti-Defamation League and other sinister orgs. These jokers are very watchful, & swift to react, this way they put a check on anti-semitism.
Think about it, those with legal knowledge can contribute.

It's so revealing when people are

strident over things that are easily proved wrong.

That guy is super scary. He

That guy is super scary.

He called Ron Paul "sickening"?

Perhaps he needs to watch that video about the casualties in Libya and rethink his twisted view of the world. That video was taken down by YouTube because it was too graphic.

I love that we're getting under his skin though! I can almost see the veins popping out of his forehead.

Show your support for Ron Paul and inspire others at new grassroots site:
( Consider uploading a picture or video of your sign or event, etc .)

Ignore The Dinosaurs of Intervention!

Seriously. Don't trump them up to be more than they are. Ron Paul's got ten times the popularity or name I.D. than this dinosaur of intervention has.

Good point, but old people

Good point, but old people love listening to talk radio. They don't do the interwebs.

Show your support for Ron Paul and inspire others at new grassroots site:
( Consider uploading a picture or video of your sign or event, etc .)

Dennis WHO?

Prager? who the heck is that?

I say that honestly...He's not a household name. He's entitled to his opinion, silly and obscure though it may be.

Support the Constitution of the United States

He is Jewish

was popular in the 80's even had a talkshow back when Morten Downey Jr. was popular

F this piece of crap

Never knew who Dennis Prager was before but I sure know who he is now.

He will pay for these remarks.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Dennis who?

Is there some reason anyone would care what some nobody like him thinks?

wolfe's picture

I do...

*Every* Republican pundit needs to be put on notice. Fall in line with the real Republican Party, or be removed from influence.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

no kidding was thinking the

no kidding was thinking the same thing... Dennis who? never heard of him.

Be sure to contact Prager

Part of our campaign strategy is to hold the media accountable.


wolfe's picture


You sound really passionate about your beliefs. I have been a Republican for 30 years. My family has been Republican as far back as anyone knows.

Where you were talking about Ron Paul lying about the statistics of minorities being executed out of proportion to whites as well as being prosecuted under the drug laws disproportionately.

I thought I would throw my two cents in.


If you don't call this disproportionate than you have an inability to understand basic math. And on the other, there is also a wealth of information available.


The fact is, you either fail at one more of the following: basic math, being honest, or comprehension.

I don't care which it is. But you need to know something. WE, the intelligent Republican electorate, are taking the Republican Party back from you RINO's once and for all. We will never again be co-opted by religious fanatical behavior, warmongering, deficit spending, or departments which fall in line with the communist manifesto.

You have two options at this point in your career. Take my advice, and join us, or be swept under the rug as we clean out the trash from the party.

Thank you.

[I stretched on the Republican history. It's true about my family, but I have always been libertarian and only ever agreed with the economic/limited government message of the Reps, so it was a lesser of two evils for me.]

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Nice Job Wolfe!

Great rebuttal to the nonsense he's spewing. I've never heard of him before but I won't forget his name now.

Good job Wolfe....

Prager is kind of a dink if I say so myself.

Death Penalty

Ron Paul is totally right on our duty to be suspicious of the government's ability to carry out justice. Justice should be done, but very rarely should we trust the government with the power of life or death. Check it out:


That link is to an article in the stanford law review:

"Postconviction DNA testing has now exonerated over 250 convicts, more than forty of whom falsely confessed to rapes and murders. As a result, there is a new awareness that innocent people falsely confess, often due to psychological pressure placed upon them during police interrogations. Scholars increasingly examine the psychological techniques that can cause people to falsely confess and document instances of known false confessions. This Article takes a different approach, by examining the substance of false confessions, including what was said during interrogations and how the confession statements were then litigated at trial and postconviction. Doing so sheds light on the phenomenon of confession contamination. Not only can innocent people falsely confess, but all except two of the exonerees studied were induced to deliver false confessions with surprisingly rich, detailed, and accurate information. We now know that those details could not have likely originated with these innocent people, but rather must have been disclosed to them, most likely during the interrogation process. However, our constitutional criminal procedure does not regulate the postadmission interrogation process, nor do courts evaluate the reliability of confessions. "

And DNA evidence?


That link is to a recent article in New Scientist on the fallibility of fingerprint evidence.

"FINGERPRINTS were once the cornerstone of forensic identification. Now a report into a miscarriage of justice has renewed pressure on print examiners to improve their methods, while two new studies reveal the extent of their fallibility. The results could change the fingerprint profession worldwide."

Ron Paul knows what he's talking about when he says the evidence and the research persuaded him to reconsider his position on the death penalty.


Not only is RP over the target, he is inside the perimeter. :)

waiting for the the 'broken arrow' comments coming up ! ;)


Denis Prager sucks

I used to work as an engineer for the company that broadcasts his show (medved too)... I quit because of their propaganda. :)