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All You Need To Know About The Vice-Presidency & Discussion of Rand

Take it from a founder on the matter of the VP being floated around as a conciliatory prize for either Ron or Rand. They would not be discussing this now on the MSM if they were not completely frightened of the prospect of Ron Paul winning.

“John Adams called the Vice Presidency “laborious” and “wholly insignificant”. He noted, “My own situation is almost the only one in the world in which firmness and patience are useless.My country has in its wisdom contrived for me the most insignificant office that ever the invention of man contrived or his imagination conceived.” -John Adams

The first VP had this disdain for the powers of the VP. Regardless if Rand is given a VP seat there is nothing to stop Romney from kicking him from the ticket in 2016 if he is the incumbent. All or nothing.
The race has just begun and the media on both the left and the right are trying to call it for Mitt with so many delegates left. The VP rumor is desperation and momentum can continue until Paul overtakes Romney.

We play the full 9 innings at this level..Tell your friends at the MSM.

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I agree somewhat

The VP alone would be totally Insignificant but If the republicans offered us say,

The vp
The fed reserve chair
Treasury secretary
The ability to shape the platform
Ron Paul speaking at convention

That may be good enough to sway me to help the party. It would show me they are serious about real change.

First: I trust Ron and Rand to do what's best for the country

That's the important thing. If the Pauls cut a deal, I'll trust that it's the best thing they see going forward. For example, what if Ron accepts the position of Federal Reserve Chairman in exchange for an endorsement? Or if he gets Romney to accept our budget plan?

I fully expect Dr. Paul to win the nomination and the presidency, but in the event that he doesn't, let's trust him to do what's right for America ^_^


I will not vote for Romney no matter who his VP is... Rand Paul, Ron Paul or Jesus...I WILL NOT VOTE FOR ROMNEY PERIOD. The media is running scared, I now hear them saying "how far is Paul going to take this" and "is Paul really willing to destroy the party". SCREW THEM. THEY NEED US. THE GOP NEEDS TO TELL ALL THE OTHER CANDIDATES TO BOW OUT AND SUPPORT PAUL BECAUSE PAUL'S ARMY IS PHYSICALLY AND MORALLY UNABLE TO PULL THE LEVER FOR ANY OTHER CANDIDATE.

They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds. -mexican proverb

I wonder what a VP Rand Paul

I wonder what a VP Rand Paul would think about a President Romney starting war with Iran?

I can't imagine it happening. I mean I believe he will ask Rand but what would the point be? What's in it for Dr.Paul? It's not like Rand could sit there and take opposing views from Mitt? He's powerless. I can't imagine a large enough voting block of RP supporters actually buying into this. Not enough to win anyways.

As a side note Lew Rockwell will be on Freedom Watch talking this very subject.

Approving of a war with Iran?

I can't get that far as I have a really difficult time even seeing him campaign in the general election with Willard.

Personally, when Ron is

Personally, when Ron is elected President, he will be there 8 years. No one could ever beat him after the first 4.

This "proposal" falls into the category of

"If you can't beat them, then corrupt them".

The GOP knows all about that.
They do it to every new crop of legislators after election time.
In this case, they want to hold out a "carrot" which they don't have to pay for later. They think some inexperienced person would "jump" for a VP spot.

They Are Idiots

They have nothing to offer us.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard