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Liberty, Freedom, and Peace. Then Prosperity.

After watching RP's victory speech in NH I couldn't stop thinking about this phrase so I thought I would just post it. I figured If you were gonna try to sum up RP's message this is about as concise as you could get it.

Liberty, Freedom, and Peace. Then Prosperity.
Ron Paul 2012

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Glad you are back on Daily

Glad you are back on Daily Paul , Texan in Sweden

yeah, but what do you think?

yeah, but what do you think? You could call it the Ron Paul formula for Prosperity.

We are not "free" because we are (were) prosperous

We became prosperous because we were free.

You cannot have prosperity without freedom. Freedom comes first.

Freedom brings wealth

I totally agree.

As Dr. Paul noted we have been the richest country with the biggest middle class. This wasn't luck. If we were lucky our country might sit on top of as much oil as those in the Middle East.

Then where did our wealth come from? Why do people literally die to get IN to our country.

Simple: we have the best system, one which from the beginning was based on freedom, which entails a government of the people by the people and for the people.

That's a recipe for wealth. If we didn't have such a flawed monetary policy of unsound money and deficit spending we could be rich in the truest sense. Not just rich based on debt.

Rich based on debt and force.

i would add 'force' as well cause you have to take into account that the only reason the dollar is worth a damn is because we force all countries in the world to purchase oil with USDs. Case in point - Iraq, Libya and Iran.

Rich based on debt and force.

I agree

This is why people continue to have faith in the dollar, and lend us money at low interest rates as opposed to countries like Greece. People feel the dollar will always be accepted because of our dominance.

But what they don't realize is that the citizens of the U.S. can lose faith in the dollar, lose faith in the government's ability to hold the show together, keep the economy going.

This is what we're starting to see, and why our credit rating is being downgraded for the first time in history.

The size of our military won't matter.


Ron Paul's vision for America is the same as the original Founders' vision. We were meant to be free, peaceful, and prosperous.

One thing I've realized is just how smart the Founders were. They truly designed things to work, even though this had never been attempted before. The big revelation for me is they understood how important sound money was, and so included that only gold and silver could be legal tender in the Constitution.

Many people mistakenly think that was just put in because of their old-fashioned thinking, but if we had always followed that we wouldn't have the big government mess we have today.

Yeah, I know RP often uses

Yeah, I know RP often uses the term 'Sound Money' but i figure that falls under Freedom, the freedom to use the currency of your choice. If we had that freedom then Prosperity would follow. I agree with RP and I see no reason to limit ones freedom to choose a currency, of course I also realize as does RP that Gold and Silver would become the currency of choice as it has for countless centuries.


I define "sound money" a bit differently. I agree about freedom to use currency of choice, but to me sound money means money that can't have its value destroyed by the whim of the government.

This means that technically dollars could be sound money if, for example, there was a Constitutional amendment saying dollars could be printed/increased yearly only by number of people in the census count (say multiplied by 1,000). That would remove inflation and make dollars "sound" because the government couldn't print them on a whim.

Yeah but that is the point

Yeah but that is the point you should have the freedom to use sound money as you define it. There is no need to come up with any elaborate formulas to try to figure out what the Market will take care of on its own. If USDs want to compete on the Open Market the government would have to adopt a policy that eliminated currency inflation.

I agree.

I agree.