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If Obama beats Ron Paul easily why does the left leaning MSM attack Paul daily?

I have heard many times from people like Sean Hannity, Rish Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Neil Boortz, Michael Savage and many other establishment radio hosts for weeks stating that Ron Paul as the nominee would assure Obama another 4 year term as President.

This is interesting to me and should be to the rest of America. If this really was the case then why does the left leaning Main stream media television and radio shows constantly try to attack Ron Paul on a daily basis instead of trying to prop him up to assure Obama an easy win?

The answer is simple, these statements are flat out untrue. Think about it. If you knew that Ron Paul was a sure winner for Obama you would make sure, or attempt to make Ron Paul the republican nominee would you not?

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Everything they say is untrue.

'Best defense is a good offense'/Projection. That's the neocon talk radio Right modus operandi.

Listen carefully:

"His foreign policy is dangerous" --True of their foreign policy, not Ron Paul's.

"Kooky" - If anything's Kooky, it's attacking other countries on the auspices that they might develop a bomb.

"Can never win." - True of the neocons they support in the race, not Ron Paul. Has anyone noticed Newt coming in second in the delegate count?

"He's an anti-Semite because of his views on the Middle East." - No, the neocons are anti-Semites who hate, and want to murder, Semitic people in the Middle East.

"If he wins the nomination, it's a guarantee of four more years of Obama." - No, if someone virtually identical in policies to Obama wins the nomination, it's a guarantee of four more years of Obama.

Support the Constitution of the United States

Kevin, you are hitting the

Kevin, you are hitting the nail right on the head man, like Ron said he is dangerous, to the status quo!

They're Scared To Death Of Him

As I said elsewhere, when they asked about entitlements in the recent debate they cut him off the moment he mentioned that the real entitlements were the handouts to "the big boys" such as the banks and the military industrial complex.

There's a gravy train and I think they're on it too.

So I think they fear him for more than just political reasons.

But what about Laura Bash? If we are interpreting her "as I am" comment correctly, it would seem she is a Republican, no?

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

Those are great points.

Those are great points.

I think this article makes

I think this article makes some great points, why is it not getting any love here?