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Paul vs. Romney in Hand Counted Towns 26% vs 32%

I just calculated the percentages of the six "major" candidates in the towns that do a hand count. I got the list of towns from watchthevote2012.com. There was about 37,000 votes. There is more but I didn't have access to the write-ins and the lesser known candidates but I think it is negligible. A few towns didn't report but what I have is Ron Paul at 26% and Mitt Romney at 32%. I'm not assuming that those percentages would hold up across the state. The big cities probably voted for more of the big-government candidates. But the spread is much closer than the state wide results. Does anyone know of anyone else who did a similiar analysis? I'm sure I made some mistakes.

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NH results

If I am reading this right, the towns and percentages refer to RP results???????

Tilton has a VA clinic there, maybe represents some of the support from veterans.


Paul and Huntsman got less statewide than in hand counted

districts while Romney got more statewide. Gingrich and Santorum were with 1 or 1 1/2 % of their statewide total.

From FreeState Forum

Here are the places he did well: (from another source)

Stewartstown (43.2%, 57 votes)
Colebrook (36.1%, 143)
Northumberland (36.1%, 86)
Wentworth (35.4%, 75)
Stark (35.0%, 35)


Effingham (38.7%, 125)
Tilton (33.4%, 214)


Benton (45.3%, 29)
Alexandria (42.9%, 164)
Warren (39.7%, 77)
Danbury (36.2%, 93)
Wentworth (35.4%, 75)
Grafton (35.2%, 92)
Croydon (34.2%, 63)
Dorchester (33.7%, 29)




Richmond (47.7%, 125)
Harrisville (35.5%, 66)
New Ipswich (34.5%, 447)
Sullivan (33.6%, 42)


Romney did better in the

Romney did better in the counties in the southern half of the state closer to Massachusetts. Dr. Paul won the northern-most county.

Isn't this kind of what

Isn't this kind of what happened with Hillary vs Obama? I seem to recall Obama winning the hand count and Hillary winning after the electronic ballots came in. Maybe I'm remembering something wrong.

Your memory is just fine!

You are correct.

Interesting analysis

"The big cities probably voted for more of the big-government candidates."

Not necessarily. It can be more difficult to reach people out in the "boonies" who get much of their info from the Tell-Lie-Vision. People in big cities have an easier time spreading the word, and the population is generally more internet savvy.

Do you have any stats on population density in the hand counted towns? That would likely show a correlation.

I was erring on the side of caution

Even if we assumed the cities didn't vote for Paul in the same percentages, the spread is still significant.

definitely interesting to

definitely interesting to see.