House Call: New Song from Steve Dore

Here is a new Ron Paul song from Steve Dore, called "House Call"
Check out the lyrics below:

House Call
by Steve Dore

Many years ago, a Dr. made house calls,
In the middle of the night, or anytime at all,
Even if the patient, couldn’t pay on the bill,
The Dr. would be there, to tend to any ill
Now America is ailing, and in danger of a fall,
An appointment’s overdue with, Dr. Ron Paul

Our government is stricken by greed and disgrace,
No one stands up, to put it in the right place,
Millions and billions and trillions in debt,
There hasn’t been a leader on the right track yet,
But now here at last, we think we've found a cure-all,
Our people need a healer like, Dr. Ron Paul

911, calling Dr. Ron Paul,
Our country is in need, of a health overhaul,
You inspire people, with hope for us all,
Dr. Paul, we need you, to make a presidential house call

Politics as usual drags us down,
We need real wisdom, to guide us through now,
Everything seems to be a temporary fix,
Like a higher debt ceiling, thrown into every mix,
Our once grand country is looking pretty small,
Our country needs a visit from, Dr. Ron Paul

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Thanks Steve!

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