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Romneycare is Obamacare

Romneycare 2.o is Obamacare

Mitt Romney decries the excesses of ObamaCare, yet refuses to admit that the plan he championed in Massachusetts provided Obama with a model. In key areas, the two plans are essentially identical. Cato Institute Executive Vice President David Boaz and Director of Health Policy Studies Michael F. Cannon discuss the politics and policy of RomneyCare and Obamacare.


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Bumping it again!

Get the video out to all!Do not let them forget!

Every time you bump this you make Romney victims angry!

But that's just the way it is, at first people get angry when they're woken up, even during an emergency, but later they thank you.



The Truth is NEVER HIDDEN!Make this go viral!!!!Remind the American people!

Ron Paul 2012!

This needs to go VIRAL

People need to know that Romney is a Flat-Out LIAR, the fact is for Years Romney has told people what they wanted to hear "Pandering" to any audience when it's convenient for him.

It really does need to go viral.

Romney is a sham. His top supporters are the same as Obama's - the banksters they both supported bailing out at the expense of America.

And they both support tyrannical things like Obamacare and government mandates on the people.

Apparently they both think they're kings.

Good time to revive and reintroduce this video!

We're coming after you Obomney!

You bet We The People

Thank You!I'm surprised this video is not going viral!


Facebook it you know what to do!Remind them!

Yeah, what's the deal?

How come very few here at Daily Paul seem interested in pointing out that Obama's government mandates are exactly the same as Romney's government mandates, only on a larger scale. Daily Paul members afraid of pointing out the Obamacare/Romneycare hypocrisy? What is going on?

This is a great video, and it's not even embedded.

And only 4 votes?!

Very strange...

Maybe it's just posted in the wrong forum. The Activism forum may not be the best place for this video. You might want to move it to the videos forum.

If people don't like Obama for Obamacare, then they should also not like Romney for Romneycare. The point is so simple and clear it should be spreading like wildfire.

Only 4 votes on this!

Keep this bumped and spread viral!!!!!!

It's bizarre

That DP members would be ignoring this key issue.

I don't get it.

Thank You!