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CARTOON - Ron Paul "Flying" to South Carolina!

Let's see if WE have enough confidence and sense of humor to bump this one up!!

VIEW CARTOON -> http://bit.ly/zM2uix


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Take me to your leader

My leader is Ron Paul.


love it. anyone designing a space ship that works has to be very intelligent. consequently, rp being in the space ship means that he also belongs to a highly intelligent race.


"It's The Corruption Stupid!"

"It's The Corruption Stupid!"

Ron Paul is the only anti-corruption candidate in the race.
Obama has stolen hundreds of billions and given it to his pals at General Electric, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Solyndra and on and on.
We'll never find all of the 'bodies'.
Romney will do the same.
This election cycle is a test of the American people.
If they elect Barakmitt Obamney they will prove undeserving of the only true Republic in history.

Ben Franklin said, "It's a Republic...if you can keep it." The question he was responding to was, “Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?”.

America is one election away from being a certified Monarchy.

I mean..what is funny about

I mean..what is funny about that? I don't see it.