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Campaign talking point ideas

This may have already been done but I couldn't find, so would like to make a thread to contribute ideas. The campaign staff is doing a tremendous job of getting the message out, and I think enthusiastic supporters can contribute ideas that will resonate with voters. This would be a great way to pull ideas together for ammunition, and up to Dr. Paul and campaign leaders to decide whether to use. If there are particular issues for states or regions, that may help concentrate messaging.

To start with a few:

1. Dr. Paul is passionate about protecting our liberties and representing the people. Unlike many politicians that desire power and wealth by serving, Dr. Paul's principles, beliefs, and motivations are purely to serve the people. Why else would fight the hard fight without compromise, and not even take well earned benefits like fat pension plans, benefits, and propose taking only the median income as a presidential salary.

2. Campaign support for Paul is largely by the people that want our country back. This has been said in messaging, but think it deserves more emphasis and detail. The big money contributors like Goldman Sachs for Obama and now Romney should be an indication of influence. This doesn't even consider the super-PAC donations that are not even restricted or public information, and to suggest that they don't buy influence for a candidate is not right. Though courts found super-PACs to be legal, it certainly has become a way to circumvent campaign laws.

3. Cite some specific examples of current agendas that are not for the people, but benefit corporatism at the expense of the people.
One example might be the Keystone XL Pipeline. In the past, I figured it made sense because it would bring oil to the US reducing dependence on middle ease while creating jobs. As it turns out, looks like we have been duped again:
- not that many jobs - only in the hundreds permanent
- most oil is to be refined in trade areas that avoid taxes and exported
- corporate goal is to increase the price of the oil for US consumers in the mid-west. The current Keystone line is actually underutilized for the mid-west an this would take away from supply and increase cost to near imported
- Most importantly, and I was shocked, this legislation is much about giving a Canadian corporation the right to use imminent domain forcibly buy property at their price for the pipeline. This is a clear violation of the liberties of those who basically have their property taken for a foreign corporation.
- There will be property tax revenues and a small number of permanent jobs, but probably don't outweigh the impact on property rights and environmental impact.

Something like this could very well show that Dr. Paul will clearly look out for our best interest and rights while not be influenced by big money. I am no expert on this matter, but if is as it appears and Dr. Paul explains the motives and impact to the people. A few good examples of the status-quo not representing the people may go a long way, there are likely even better examples.

Please throw in ideas