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VIDEO Fox news the biggest threat to Obama is not Mitt it's Ron Paul


There is also a great article written here about some of the same things : http://www.hermancainforums.com/index.php/topic,2784.0.html

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My wife

has already said she's just going to go stay with her mom when Ron Paul comes to Virginia. I may set up a cot at RP HQ.

Cavuto would put this out right before South Carolina

I see right through him.

Talking about an independent run by the "rambunctious old dude supported by liberals" is an attempt to scare both political parties against us.

Cavuto wants Democrats to start attacking Ron Paul instead of Mitt Romney and he wants to scare away conservatives.



"Air is the very substance of our freedom, the substance of superhuman joy....aerial joy is freedom."--Gaston Bachelard--

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-super brochure

Cavuto will go down in history

as the first true convert from the mainstream media. Welcome to the brights side!

Don't waste your time trying to be right, spend it trying to get better

I would fight in hell if needed for Ron Paul!

Why are people so worried about Ron's foreign policy, if congress voted and declared war and Ron said we are going to war, I would jump in and say lets do it. The Evangelists need to know this. The Ron Paul army would be enormous for him in my opinion. He already has support from many Military personal and many would join in and fight a just war.

I would back a Ron Paul war, even though I am anti-establishment war.

Grassroots effort needed to get Ron Paul more votes in South


Please consider putting addresses on 5-10 Super Brochures and regular postage stamp to churches in South Carolina. We have 60 churches being mailed to now, we need everyone to grab some,, post at the link that you are mailing to those. If we get them in the pastors hands before Sunday, they may mention them at the service! Come on guys, jump on board!! Help!!

Take these www.3StepsTowardFreedom.com to assist Ron Paul in becoming our next Commander In Chief. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-480OMya3U

Had to watch it over and over. lol

Like a Rock Star! Thanks Neil.

In Liberty


here it is on youtube if you want to embed it..

Never forget:

To disagree, one doesn't have to be disagreeable.

- Barry Goldwater

This has been going on for so long

and they're just starting to get it? The press is so, so lame.

Fox Business News is on Our Side

Think of Fox Business News as the "Minor Leagues" of Republican establishment. Between Cavuto, the Judge, and Stossel, it's clear that our movement is being taken seriously as the 2nd most prominent force in Republican ideology.

The fact that Fox is allowing FBN to openly support Ron Paul and his views should tell us a lot about how far we've come.

I'm leaving my cable box on and turned to FBN all day long.

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Cavuto coins quote of the year:

"Seventy six year old dude, treated like a rock star."

I love it.

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Damned straight

Welcome to the party Neil. Get in now before you're left behind!

By claiming there is no conspiracy, you prove to those who believe in the conspiracy that you are part of the conspiracy.


trickling over !

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

I've watched a lot of commercials ...

Great add with the SUV doing a flip landing in the snow.

Plus another I don't remember.

But I have yet to see the subject vid of the post.

I think the MSM wants viewers, but can't handle what they want to view.

I'll keep reloading.

Maybe someone can make a youtube.


This forum is completely missing the point.

What Neil is suggesting is that if Ron runs third party, it would hurt Obama more than Mitt. He is not suggesting that if Ron wins the nomination we can beat Obama. Big difference. Neil is trying to rationalize Ron Paul away to reduce his perceived threat, not promote him as a strong candidate. I am the first to admit this because I want to see a third party run by Ron if he doesn't get the nomination. And I admit that this is a dicey situation given that Ron Paul could pull more support from Obama than Mitt, handing Mitt the election (which to me is worse since this would prevent someone running republican in 2016). However, I disagree with Neil's hypothesis. I think any support for Ron Paul hurts the other republican candidates most, since we are eating into the GOP base more than we are eating into the Dems.

If Paul can attract Dems from Obama

...as an independent, he can do it as a Republican too. I think Cavuto's assumption (which he backtracks on late in the clip) is Paul won't win the Republican nomination so his theory is just a counter to the usual Republican kvetching about a possible Paul independent run.

Cavuto's broader point though is that Paul attracts disengaged young voters just like Obama did, and that would help him in the general whatever his party label.

What if RP doesn't get the GOP nomination...

runs 3rd party... AND WINS?? Get enough pissed off Dems, and the 25% (and growing!) support we have from Republicans/independents... boom.

My head would explode with AWESOME. That's what would happen.

Good Video

Worthy of being Embedded.


Yahhhh, SMART CAVUTO.....GO....GO....GO!!! Yahoo!

That's what I've been trying to say blogging and other newspaper websites!! That RP "can" beat Obama. I just mentioned it on the Laura Ingraham show with Demint. It struck me, and why it doesn't strike them is beyond me. It's possible the GOP would lose, but not necessarily to OBUMMER!!

In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Ron Paul won in a LANDSLIDE. Why? Because I think the old guard GOP Rino's, at least a certain percentage of them, would come around by then, and they would see the enthusiasm, not just from the youth, but they would see BABY BOOMERS like me & my husband, too!! When they all of a sudden start seeing a WAVE of BOOMERS, that is when they start turning our direction!!


Even if they didn't fully

Even if the old guard RINOs don't fully come around, they would still plug their noses and vote Paul over Obama. This is exactly what staunch conservatives did when voting McCain last time. They never fully warmed up to him, but they got in line when presented the lever between McCain and Obama. The same will happen if Paul wins the GOP nomination. Even for evangelicals.

The math is really simple folks... you get 95% of the GOP vote, 50% (or more) of Indies, and probably 20% or more of disenfranchised Democrats. That adds up to LANDSLIDE for Paul. This is so obvious, simple, and right in plain sight. Every analyst and insider on both sides knows this.

Email Cavuto if you're over the age of 30

Personally, I think it would help the cause GREATLY if more people over the age of 30 started emailing the show hosts and speaking out as Paul supporters (especially when one of the talking heads tries to characterize the RP crowd as Obama loving college kids who want to legalize drugs).

How about an email blitz to let Mr. Cavuto know that we appreciate his fair coverage and that many of us are also older Republicans?

Come on folks:


Cavuto is one of the few guys who might actually read the emails on the air.

We wrote to Neil Cavuto

(We're in our mid-fifties) and we also suggested to anyone who thinks Dr Paul is too old; "go on a 17 mile bike ride with him and discuss Austrian economics on the way!"

Great point

They always point out the young folks but nothing said about the older folks. The reality is RP attracts all age groups. Liberty does not discriminate.



I hate that he threw in," these are rowdy kids" what an ass, I didn't really view this as a support piece, so much as fear piece. I saw disbelief and recognition to the power that we have in the face of Neil Cavuto. I loved the end "76 year old guy, treated like a Rock star", I've heard that term 3-4 times in past 2 days, "RockStar" that is much better of a buzz word for RP then "Isolationist" or "Kook", I would skip my favorite Rock Show any day of the year to see RP live.

Neil is the man.

Neil is the man.

That's not Fox News

That's Fox Business.

Two different channels.

Same owner, pitting them against each other. That way, no matter what happens, he wins.

That made my day

I never would have see a Cavuto clip...hehehe..so Thank You!

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” - Mark Twain

BIG bump

Could agree more, Cavuto GETS IT.