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Clarifying Ron Paul and MLK - Ok, U Can Stop Voting Down

This is next in line that will try and be equated with the newsletters. What is the response? We need a coherent argument that shows why in fact this is not racism as well as show other, similar things that came up and how he voted which shows that he voted because of the Constitution and not based upon any racial overtones.

I know that he says MLK is one of his heroes, but people won't hear that. They need to understand why Ron votes the way he does.


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Respond to them like this - He also voted against medals for

He also voted against medals for Ronald Reagan, Mother Theresa,the Pope, Tony Blair, and the Dalai Lama. He must also be an Anglophobe who is biased against Catholics, Buddhists, and Republican movie actors from California.

The reason he votes that way is because of

"The Congressional Gold Medal is made of solid gold, and in every instance it is awarded, it can cost taxpayers upwards of $30,000. This money not only pays for the gold to make the medal, but also the mold that needs to be specially created since each medal is tailored to its recipient. Congressman Paul voted against awarding this medal over and over because he does not think it is a good use of taxpayer dollars.
However, Paul has not just voted against spending taxpayer money for the medal - he has proposed ..."


My thoughts are

that there is an unlimited list of what asshole liberals might say.

There is no need to "defend" this issue.
There was nothing done wrong.
If somebody thinks it was, then your task is to figure out what's wrong with their brain.
Or you can just leave the stupid leftist alone.

Thanks for the link

Good article. Paul's proposal to have members pay out of pocket is not new. It was something another member of congress did about 200 years ago. He was correct than and Paul is correct today. So many support something till they are asked to contribute. Always willing to spend someone else's money but not their own. Hypocritical nitwits. Thanks again for sharing the link.


As well he should vote against

it. It's not the governments job.

Rights don't come in "groups"

Plus, it established a paid Federal holiday for government workers, which comes out of taxpayer money.

MLK is one of Paul's heroes, but Paul is also very principled.

That's right, I think there

That's right, I think there were cost concerns. It was a paid holiday for state employees.. Reagan was reluctant to sign it at first.

Ok there is a lot of

Ok there is a lot of confusion about this one, because he didn't actually vote for the original bill. But he later voted in favor an ammendment to change the date. But you know, someday if they ever wanted to make a "Ron Paul Day" he'd be the first to vote no on it...

The "voting No again a Ron

The "voting No again a Ron Paul day too" thing needs to be communicated. No racist subtones and humility combined.

It's hard for some prople to

It's hard for some prople to understand why he wouldn't vote in favor of it, if he really liked MLK so much. It was a taxpayer funded state holiday... He voted against selfish interest, and there are many examples of this in his voting record. He always puts the people and the taxpayers first.

"Ron Paul Day" he'd be the first to vote no on it...

thats an excellent point


Based on comments below, people aren't sure exactly what happened.

According to the Root (http://tinyurl.com/7e63wu8) and the Atlantic (http://tinyurl.com/7p39ofh), he voted against it.

If this is not true, can someone please point out how they're getting it wrong?

If it is true, can someone elucidate the thinking behind voting against it? Again, I don't believe it would be motivated in any way by race, but we need a concise and clear answer because THIS WILL COME UP if Ron Paul continues.

If I remember correctly.

I think he was against an additional tax payer funded federal holiday. I think they replaced President's Day with MLK Jr. Day as the federal holiday and he supported that.

IMO it is a non issue, but could be part of another attack. The educated will not be swayed by this type smear.

I think it only comes up as

I think it only comes up as an attack because of the confusion about whether he voted for it or not.

Aren't votes recorded

Aren't votes recorded somewhere? Online database?

Can we find it and look it up?

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let's set it str8.

ron paul said that voting to establish mlk day was one of the very few times he voted IN FAVOR of something not authorized by the constitution. gingrich, though i can't stand him, did also vote in favor of mlk day. gingrich voted only against a bill changing the date of the holiday.

I heard Ron say that too

Now to hear this Loudmouth Gangster say Ron Paul voted against the mlk birthday holiday...aaaaaarrrrrgggggghhhh

Not true

He voted for it...grinch against


Didn't he vote for it being a federal holiday?

No, he voted to change the

No, he voted to change the day or something. He actually voted against the original bill.