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Imagine If Mark Cuban Gave A Billion Dollars To Ron Paul

What if you woke up and you saw this as the head line?Imagine? Lmao. Hey, he's a RP supporter! I can dream right? http://www.ibtimes.com/articles/277225/20120105/ron-paul-cel...

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Comeon Mark!!!

Comeon Mark!!!

juan maldonado

Obama's war chest 250 million and counting

Romney or whoever but Dr. Paul will have huge money too. It's going to be so hard if some of these people don't step up.


Is it true that Romney has

Is it true that Romney has more money than Obama now? It's just not fair man and I know I sound like a little kid, but it's true man.

juan maldonado

Think of it like this.

The status quo wants things the same. Goldman Sachs donates about equal to their two horses in the race to give the illusion there is actually a difference, yet the outcome is already determined and it is the same. More spending, more war, more military industrial complex, less freedoms, on and on. No one else has the resources to compete with these two candidates, which are nothing more than two sides of the same coin.

The bottom line is the money elite and bankers just want things the same which is why they are satisfied with either Obama or Romney. That is why the push to marginalize Dr. Paul and keep his message silenced is so strong. He would rock the boat and change the entire course of history for the betterment of the common man and the people in power do not want this ever.


Email him and let him know

Email him and let him know what you think - he reads them:


Maybe put this email in your post

Oh I have! Lol. I hope he

Oh I have! Lol. I hope he does though...

juan maldonado

What about Peter Thiel spending "a billion dollars on islands?"

Remember that ridiculous story? Spending a billion dollars to make artificial libertarian islands?

With a billion dollars donated to Ron Paul we could be well on our way to restoring a libertarian United States of America.

Talking about the so-called libertarian billionaires really makes me sick.

AmeN brother

AmeN brother

juan maldonado

Cuban would have to be able

Cuban would have to be able to see a real business benefit by supporting any candidate. It's ironic, because while everyone would benefit under a more libertarian system, political influence would be so curtailed that economic reasons to support candidates would virtually disappear.

We should email him! And

We should email him! And explain how much he would have under a Ron Paul presidency! He has enough money anyways, I doubt that's all he cares about.

juan maldonado

Your right man!!! I just wish

Your right man!!! I just wish people understood what was at stake!

juan maldonado

Some of these people might,

if they were asked politely! The campaign staff needs a slick operator on board that knows how to go out make these requests. It's there for the asking. If the staff would put together a list of 10 heavy weights that favor Ron Paul, along with contact information.....Ron could make the ititial call.......he's probably not good at asking for money, but he could set the stage. One things for sure, if Ron Paul calls personally, they'll take the call! Start with Cuban and Jim Rogers.

alan laney

Man if I had there type of

Man if I had there type of money I would give it to RP in a heart beat!

juan maldonado

Even better...

Imagine Ron, or even Rand going over to Iran and sorting all this crap out and then holding a press conference. I believe that would insure the nomination.

I know right! Or that marine

I know right! Or that marine spy situation... That would be incredible! Do it Ron

juan maldonado

Freemarket for all rich and poor.

We are fighting for the ideals of liberty for all. So if Mark Cuban wants to spend his money on the message of liberty and Ron Paul, then I see no problem with him doing so. But he should do so recognizing that it will not entitle him to special attention from Ron Paul. In fact when compared to those who have given their life's savings while living paycheck to paycheck a billionaire giving a million dollars is no sacrifice at all.

I wish he would! He likes

I wish he would! He likes taking gambles right? Lol

juan maldonado

Yes sir

Yes sir

juan maldonado

As Much As I'd Like An Even Playing Field...

the Paul campaign wouldn't be much of a revolution then. Big money buying big media to quell real debate about vital issues is what we're fighting against. I place my hope in the Doc and the power of his message. The beauty of the Doc is that he's the last free man in America fighting for the rest of us. His message spreads most by word-of-mouth. Don't take this as a slam. I wish he didn't have to worry about ad buys, but its the principled difficult fights that have always made this country great.

Im trying to think from all

Im trying to think from all angles!!! Take advantage of every resource that's out there.

juan maldonado

One of the silicon valley bills should step up

We need superduper superpac $$$ bigtime!! There's some very wealthy supporters out there that grew up believing in the land of the free -that could step up

Government is supposed to protect our freedom, our property, our privacy, not invade it. Ron Paul 2007

we are gunna have to do this ourselves

At least until we get over the hump. There is no need to ask anybody for anything... Once WE turn this into bandwagon mode Ron will be rollin.
If mark cuban, ross perot, tim tebow or any other fantasy endorsement wants to do that, thats all them. We are strong and dont need them. Once they see that it will be the great ronslide of 2012. Imagine all the hard work done in iowa and nh... Thousands of new supporters were just born and exploring dailypaul every once and a while. We are doing it for real. And its been uphill the whole way.

We is everybody

We is everybody. No need to have an exclusive mentality, its about being inclusive; imoh.

I reserve the right to govern myself.

Will that Texas debate ever

Will that Texas debate ever happen? Maybe if mark can do some commercials talking about it, we can push romneys hand?

juan maldonado

Will make every Dallas Mavericks game possible if he will give!

Mr. Cuban, Please give to the Revolution!

An idea whose time has come can not be stopped by any army or government-- Ron Paul 2012

Well, he couldn't give $1B to

Well, he couldn't give $1B to Ron Paul, but he could give it to RevolutionPAC in support of the good doctor!

When I really think about this stuff, though, I get very disappointed. There are people with the resources to significantly change the world, Ron Paul supporters no less, but they do not do it.

Mark Cuban could fully fund RevolutionPAC without breaking a sweat. So could Jim Rogers. Both are Ron Paul supporters but neither of them step up to the plate. So sad.

If I had a billion dollars I would make sure that RevolutionPAC had enough money to do pretty much anything that they wanted to in support of Dr. Paul.

Why do these billionaires not even toss Dr. Paul $50M or so each? It would be a drop in the bucket to them. Sometimes I even question if they really support Dr Paul at all.


Amen brother. That's what I

Amen brother. That's what I mean man! I just don't get it. Clint Eastwood is a supporter too, so there no excuse. I think there scared! Why? Idk

juan maldonado

and Vince Vaughn!

I love that guy even before I found out he supports RP. Then he gave him tickets to his red carpet premier of his movie Couples Retreat. And he introduced RP at the LPAC! ... So where's the love? Throw RevPAC a sh*t ton of money! Or hell, just come out on the TV and talk about how much you love liberty and support RP!

Yeah I haven't heard from

Yeah I haven't heard from Vince since Nevada! Where is he man?

juan maldonado

ecorob's picture

here's what would happen...

Dr. Paul would return 975 million dollars back to him at the end of the election cycle.

As he ALWAYS returns his surplus to the people.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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