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Rand Paul on Lou Dobbs 1/11/12

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Clarifying the remark by Lou Dobbs about Maraijuana...

Lou said that Ron Paul wants to "legalize marijuana." This is not factually correct. We hear the MSM ongoing say this as well. What Ron Paul has said over and over and over is to take the Marijuana issue away from the Federal Government and give it to each individual state to set their own standards. This is not only true with MJ, but also with the abortion issues. The whole idea is to limit the regulation fostered by the Federal Government which has, in reality, become out of control with regulating the personal lives of our fellow citizens.

fearless brave joyful peaceful loving grateful, compassionate

Rand let him get away with saying Ron's foreign policey was not

conservative, I would have thrown down on that one. Also the war on drugs is costing us millions and is just a total fraud on our liberties.

Not the best from Rand, but maybe i expect to much.

Rand Paul on Dad's 'Dangerous' Campaign

Is the correct title.

I've never seen Dobbs be such a schmuck before. I've seen pretty good reporting from him in the past, but then I don't watch him that much.


Lou Dobbs is like a polite O'Reilly.
Head up his butt and he knows everything.

Waste of time.

I'd rather see Chris White (as bad as he can be) hammer Ron Paul. He lets RP talk and it's a real debate. Not condescending.

Showing the post some love <3

and we should prolly show Mr. Dobbs some luv too. Very fair interview =)


He may be nicer than the other hosts but he is also a snake in the grass and will say whatever to keep his job like when he is with Oriely.

Do your best have no expectations

Also a good video