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What if Obama starts war with Iran tomorrow?

I have a question I'd like my contemporaries to weigh in on. It's obvious that the discussion regarding participating in a war with Iran is a hot topic in the politishpere these days. It's even been called Dr. Paul's weakness, though falsely, by his opponents.
As the situation is ratcheted up daily by the MSM, and the fall election looms, I have to ask..
What will happen if Obama starts a unilateral, or even a coalition based war with Iran before the election? I hear much discussion about which candidate will take the country into another dreadful war or not. However, I've never heard anyone, not even on DP, discuss this likely possibility.
How would this change the election narrative?
I pray with all of my heart this doesn't happen, but I do think it's a distinct possibility.
What are your thoughts?

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He won't.

No military advisor would be supportive of this. Right now, The mullah's in Iran are playing the Obummer Admin. like a violin.

Iran is saber-rattling and so are we. Bet Iran will end up winning...they will return our CIA spy and promise not to mine the Straits if Hormuz in return for a promise to drop the recent sanctions. Obummer will cave, Iran will win and that will be that. Just watch and see. Iran invented the game of chess and the mullah's are better at it than we are.

In that case...

I think we can hope for an acceleration of the awakening. The majority is still "drinking the cool-aid" from the media/military industrial complex, but if you look closely, you can start to see the illusion fraying around the edges. I think it's going to go, if we keep up the pressure.

If Obama starts another

If Obama starts another illegal war with Iran as he has with Libya, Syria, etal then he needs to be impeached and out of office before he enacts the War Measures Act and suspends elections, period.... Awwww nuts,,,he needs to be impeached for his action with Libya, never mind waiting for a war with Iran. Congress better grow that spine pretty fast....

Traditionally, incumbents

Traditionally, incumbents have a huge advantage in elections when the country is at war. No doubt if this happens, the current administration (with the help of the press) will start to spew war propaganda about how the Iranians are about the blow up the world in order to scare people back into their arms.

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Yeah, I didn't

mention this aspect when I first wrote the post, but it was at the forefront of my mind. And there-in-lies reason for my bringing it up in the first place. Thanks for picking up where I left off.

Don't forget about Russia's

Don't forget about Russia's statement back in 2007 about how they will consider any attack on Iran as an attack on Russia. Not sure if that commitment still stands, though.

Also, India, Pakistan and China all have a very significant interest in Iran's oil pipeline not being affected in any way. I'm not sure if they would also get involved, but they might considering how important energy is to the functioning of today's society.


Under UCMJ, is foreign deployment of troops absent a

Declaration of War by Congress considered a lawful order from a superior?

I found the case of Ehren Watada who refused to deploy to Iraq, but his first court martial ended in a mistrial, a second court martial was dismissed due to double jeopardy, and he was later discharged (after a new administration decided not to further pursue the charges).

Opinions and speculations?

The last thing they want is

The last thing they want is for soldiers to actually obey their oaths to our Constitution. They didn't further pursue specifically so that it would not become a precedent or known to other soldiers.

The Constitution is written in such a way that the federal government can only do what is specifically authorized by the Constitution with all else forbidden to it. All other authority passes to the States and the People as per the 9th & 10th amendments.

Wars without declarations of war by Congress are illegal under our Constitution. The US has not declared war since the early 1940s. Soldiers have a DUTY to not obey orders that they know to be illegal, IMO that includes refusing to go to WAR without a legitimate declaration of war by Congress.


It would be the end of Obama

Bombing Iran would have obvious negative effects that most Americans, no matter how bloodthirsty, could not abide. Gas would skyrocket, the economy would instantly tank, and there would be violence in the streets.

Bush and Obama got away with their wars in the past because there were no obvious ill effects resulting from the hostilities. But the repercussions from an attack on Iran would be fast and brutal.

Obama would instantly get the blame (rightfully) and he wouldn't have a prayer of winning in November.

I think it would prove Ron

I think it would prove Ron Paul's forecasting abilities as point on, and we will use that to our advantage.

End the Fed. End the Wars. Problems Solved. Ron Paul.

This was addressed...

by Lindsey Williams within the past month or so on the Alex Jones' show...that they plan to bomb Iran before the elections...and the incumbent would stay in office...I can't recall if it was implied or an absolute statement...but makes sense - everything is heading in that direction.

But besides that, even if it didn't happen, what I'm concerned about is Voter Fraud- it's hard to trust that these election results are valid...Ron Paul has incredible support - even last night on CSPAN - each caller in NH was for Ron Paul, but one! I Just pray that it's a fair and just election!

I believe Ron Paul said this morning that Goldman Sach's made a huge contribution to Romney...he's their guy!

The October surprise

He said that (Historicly) The Nation rallys around the incumbant President during big wars,so they start them around October. Maybe Dr. Paul has woken enough of the masses to see through the deadly scam this time.

If he's halfway smart about it

the American public will rally behind him like worker ants around their queen. An economic meltdown and police-state response would probably galvanize support too, as would a horrific terror attack, a massive natural catastrophe, or an invasion of space aliens. I would dearly hope to be proven wrong.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

What will happen?

Ron Paul will get even more support and votes from the military.


“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

The only difference between

The only difference between mainstream Republicans and mainstream Democrats is which wars they want to get into.

If Obama starts another war,

If Obama starts another war, he loses in 2012. Oh wait...Obama did just start another war. This time in Africa according to Ron.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Troops to Sudan...

That was one of the seven countries listed by General Wesley Clark.....to be followed by Iran.

Don't bother people with your facts

No one wants to talk about how all this is to rid ourselves of old Soviet Union regimes in middle east countries.

Seriously, no one wants to talk about this. It would actually garner support of the wars. "Wars"? Heck, instead of wars, they could be called "missions"...missions to rid the world of old Soviet Union regimes. They could order the media to barely cover it. Etc.

But no, they WANTED us to be all upset about something. Something distracting us from other realities.

if Obama takes us into war before the election

hoepfully the population sees it for what it is... killing people, spilling blood, for domestic political gain. to take other peoples lives for your own selfish purpose should be seen for what it is.

The thing is... he's been doing this for 3 years. There is not 1 person on this planet that Obama would hesitate killing for his own political gain.

It won't be the US starting a war with Iran

It will be Iran starting a war with the US or so we will be told. My guess is if something happens it will be either right before the election or after right and that will be the excuse to not let the new person in.