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GOP to 'punish' Florida at nominating convention for holding early primary

Florida's delegates to the Republican National Convention are getting snubbed in their own house, after the national GOP decided Wednesday to ramp up penalties on the state for holding an early primary in violation of party rules.

Though Florida is hosting the party's national convention in Tampa later this year, a Republican National Committee panel voted unanimously to give the state's representatives second-class access to the whole affair.

Under the resolution, the national party will make sure Florida's delegates have poor seating and poor hotel options -- as in, hotels that are not close to the Tampa Bay Times Forum, the convention venue. According to an RNC official, the delegates will also be limited in the number of guest passes they can hand out.

The Rules Committee voted for the sanctions Wednesday, and the RNC official said no further action is needed to carry out the punishment.


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They should lose all their delegates

The RNC decided last year to penalize all states that select delegates before March 6 (other than IA, NH, SC, and NV) by removing 50% of their delegates. Separately, they penalized all states holding winner-take-all contests before April 1st by removing 50% of their delegates (AZ was affected).

By right Florida, a winner-take-all contest held before March 6th, should lose 100% of their delegates (or 75% if you want to leave them with 50% of 50%). But the RNC carved out an exception that any state penalized for one violation would not be further penalized for the other. So we have a state bumping to the front of the line which awards all its delegates to the winner and that is so expensive to campaign in that it is not worth contesting. Nice strategy Florida. Hope you enjoy the Red Roof Inn off I-4.