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How do we attract the Gay vote? The Black Vote? The Female Vote? Liberal, Hispanic, Upper Class, Democrat, the...?

I keep seeing post on how we attract a particular group's support for Ron Paul, I'm personally kind of offended by such, but these only rubber bullets...

After listening to Ron Paul for 14 years there's one particular thing I've notice. He always says the same thing. Doesn't matter who he talks to, its always the same. The questions he gets from these different groups are different, but not his answers. Doesn't matter what group he talks to, his answers are the same.

Ron Paul does not change his message to meet the expectations of a particular group. Some call that pandering, and pandering is generally considered a dirty word. Pandering. That's what "THEY" do. Ron Paul does not pander. He tells the same message to everyone. If they don't like his message, so be it.

So how do we convey Ron Paul's message to the Gay voter? Same way we convey it to the straight voter.

How do we convey Ron Paul's message to the Black voter? Same way we convey it to the White, Brown, Red, Yellow or Red/White/Blue voter.

How do we convey it to the Female Voter? Same way we convey it to the Male voter.

And the list goes on, and gets bigger all the time, unless we stop looking at all this as groups that we need to create some special message designed to appeal exclusively to them.

The message is the same, no matter who you talk to. The only difference is the questions you get back.

Ron Paul has CONSISTANTLY directed his message toward people, not groups.

We should too.

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We pretty much do

I think we are all here already. Seems to me, when listening to what Paul says, liberty and justice applies to ALL people. The sooner people hear that and realize that the man is true, the sooner they can study his positions and realize the importance of this rare opportunity. We are all protected under the constitution and we should all be what we want to be. This is why the powers that hate us want to destroy the constitution. They can't use us if we are all "created equal" so they do things that keep us divided. With Paul, those divisive issues dry up and the truth starts to emerge. No more Limbaugh to rail on about liberals, no more MSNBC to run down conservatives and so on. What they don't realize is that the world is moving on and those old world thought patterns no longer have the power they once did. Now it is Liberty vs. Authoritarian control. Very simple.

This issue was brought up several times since 2007

Apparently the principle of treat everyone the same has been applied to RP's campaign strategy.

It's not very effective, but it's a principle.

A couple deviations by RP supporters have come out...most notably is the "compassion" ad on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Rv0Z5SNrF4