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Jordan Page listed as Most Popular Artist amongst Ron Paul supporters by the Washington Post

The Washington Post recently highlighted what GOP candidate's supporters read, what music they listen to, and what sports teams they follow in the Sunday edition on 1/8/12. Data was compiled from Facebook using new information mining software and the lists were published showing Jordan Page as the top artist amongst supporters of Congressman Paul. His album cover for the 2011 disc "Liberty" was featured in the article and also on the front page of the publication's website.
Here is a link to the article:

Jordan Page has earned a reputation amongst Paul supporters for his fervent support of the Congressman and his overwhelmingly anti-war message in his songs. Best known for songs like "Pendulum," "Listen," and "Liberty" Page tours nationally performing at colleges, protests, rallies, and does opening spots for Ron Paul as well. Page has opened for Paul 9 times so far and recently released a campaign song in his honor entitled "The Light of Revolution (Ron Paul 2012), which can be found on iTunes and at www.cdbaby.com/cd/jordanpage5. More information about Jordan Page can be found at www.jordanpagemusic.com

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What are the others? I can't

What are the others? I can't blow it up and I'm basically blind.