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Retired Navy Commander & VP of Marketing After 4 Years of Me on a Soapbox: "Maybe we do need to revisit some idealism."

After four years of political discourse with my mentor and predecessor at work, he sent me this email today!


I’m beginning to feel unloved here: never did get the Christmas card. If I were a conspiracy nut, I would think someone is intercepting your outgoing mail to former employees (“enemies”) like myself. Just email me a scan of the artwork; I don’t need the rest, I just wanted to see what you came up with.

Got to hand it to Ron Paul --- he’s hanging in there in the race. It appears that he has a large following of young people, and that’s not surprising, given his views on foreign intervention, military spending, social security, foreign policy, etc. Maybe we do need to revisit some idealism. It’s true that the other candidates aren’t really offering any real change. I think Obama will be hard to beat because his voter base of those who depend on federal programs continues to grow.

This guy was as stubborn as a mule on the foreign policy and Iran. He was a Commander and Special Officer with Navy Intelligence!

Can anyone say tipping point?!

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Great work!

Great work!

this is awesome thanks for

this is awesome thanks for sharing!!!

It takes

time with the older ones, especially the 06's and above. I think it is the war college that really messes them up. I wonder what my 06 is thinking at this point. The last time we talked was in October. I told him "I will buy dinner when Ron Paul wins the nomination". He has the typical view of what you hear in the media.

All I said was, "The Chief Warrant is always correct, sir. That is why you ask us the questions".

I cannot wait to buy him dinner, just gotta figure out how I will pay for it. 8)

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Wonderful to see your diligent educational

work come to fruition. congratulations!

Seeing someone "awaken" is a wonderful feeling!

Being a big part of it is priceless!

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


Send him his Christmas card..

Send him his Christmas card.. LOL.. (and the scans he requested)


I already did! I had pulled him off the main list, so I could send it personally but I forgot to send it! He was for Perry. I'm still working on him, but this really surprised me. It was out of the blue. We actually don't work together anymore. He retired in 2009.

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!