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I am SO PROUD of you!

I am almost 50, and loved Ron Paul since 1980 or so, after seeing him interviewed on some news show, maybe it was William F. Buckley. I remember wondering "huh? This is the first time I ever heard any politician talk sense or say anything meaningful!" Ron Paul was the first and last time I ever heard a sensible politician. I don't even care for politics unless I hear the name Ron Paul. I remember asking my parents about him, or trying to share my feeling about him, and they pretty much just blew him off, as if it was just nonsense. I was about 17 or so.

I follow Ron Paul every day, reloading all the Google news stories for Ron Paul a few times per hour, whenever I get a chance, emailing the best ones to everyone I know. Usually, I am fairly vocal, but it seems Ron Paul supporters say it all in the comment sections, and I am left with nothing to add. I admire them so much. After so many years, I have too much anger to comment as intelligently as the Ron Paul supporters do. But wherever I go in public, I never hesitate to start up a chat with someone, and make a plea to please do some research on Ron Paul - he is the only sane candidate, the only uncorrupted candidate, the only candidate grounded with both feet in reality, in America.

Sometimes, I get choked up in my throat (like the beginning of crying, but not crying) when I see the Ron Paul supporters fighting back against the evil & corrupt media, and when I see them giving all their energy at Ron Paul rallies.

When I see how intelligent and knowledgeable all the Ron Paul supporters are, it's like seeing the best-of-the-best about America, something that is only a once-in-a-lifetime chance, something that emits a radiant glow of an America to be proud of, an appreciation of the younger generation, and a hope for a positive, real, and meaningful future ... something I never felt before in my adult years (only exception being the Internet).

It's not fun to be awake and live your whole life amidst the tyranny of all-encompassing frauds. It kills the will and aspiration to be part of bettering life, bettering the future. Take a clue from the number of alcoholics in the old Soviet Union.

I wish I was 20 again, so I could play a bigger part in it all. This is a great time to be alive, especially if you are in your 20s/30s. You are within reach of changing this world for the better in almost uncountable ways. It may be one of the most historical periods of time since the Revolution in 1776.

I think of Ron Paul, and how great a challenge it must be for him - he is really giving it his all, I don't think most 50-year-olds could keep up with him - it gives me the same feeling as seeing an Olympian idol win the gold. I have felt disillusioned for the last 30 years of my adult life, and Ron Paul's supporters are giving me some great new illusions; they make me smile in my quiet and reflective moments, they give me a glimse of the good in humanity, of the original promise of America.

I love them all.

Please win, please succeed! :)
You got the energy! Keep it up!
Jesse Benton is a real pro too!

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I remember feeling helpless and alone

after I saw Ron Paul the film America: Freedom to Facsism.

I now knew that the IRS was a fraud. But what could I do?

I assumed that a Congressman like Ron Paul had to be out of office to speak so truthfully about the IRS the way he did in the film.

That was the beginning of a journey that took place mainly over the web and has brought me to where we are today with all of the mighty weapons we have to fight the fraudsters.

We could each write a book...

Navy Lieutenant Here.

I am a Navy Seabee LT who has deployed overseas to Iraq. Additionally, during my enlisted time I was onboard the USS Constellation in 1999 when we were dropping bombs on Iraq in enforcement of the No Fly Zone.

It seemed odd to me during my time on the ship that we were dropping bombs on Iraq when they weren't really a threat, but that is what we were told our mission was to do. I was neither Rep nor Dem as I didn't really understand the difference.

Fast forward to college where I was educated on the difference of Rep & Dem and immediately became Republican; small government, low taxes, open and free market.

My frustration with the Republican party over the last few years has been the way the leaders, namely GWB, strayed from those principles. I was abhorred when we entered Iraq and even more so when we learned there were no WMD's.

When I later deployed to Iraq, I got to see first hand some of the damage we had done and the VAST waste of tax payer resources. I was there during the 2008 elections and was pleased to see that someone was vowing to take us out of Iraq, even though I did vote Republican. If only I had done my prudent research then.

I began to hear a little about RP in the media and quite frankly began to notice how he was being ignored by the MSM, a huge thank you to the Daily Show! I then began to do a little digging and listened to his speech and several older videos where he "predicted" the issues we have seeing today. It was chilling. Then I began reading his books to peel back more of the onion layers. Now, when I do see the MSM, it is with a very skeptical eye of anything they say or do.

Finally, as part of the Navy's expeditionary force in a leadership role I often feel like an outsider. I have to remind myself that I am serving my country to keep it safe from enemies foreign and "domestic". I will continue to watch this election and pray the American people will educate themselves enough to make the right decision and elect the only candidate who can restore santity to an otherwise insane system of bloated government and militarism that is bankrupting our country and taking us into an era of darkness. As I see it, our real problem is ignorance of the diagnosis and the cure.

I am a 37 year old Navy LT with 12 years of service and I want RP as my Command In Chief!

"Insert wise comment here."

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This is one of the most beautiful DP threads;

I'm bumping it for anyone who missed it the first time around, as I did.



Thank you, for your story sir..

You have my sincere R3Vpect!

From Amsterdam, Holland,

Serious question

I am watching all this from germany since 2008 and you are all doing great work.
I agree with Ron about Foreign Police and Monetary system completely. I have a question to that free-market society, maybe to understand better.
Ron favours a free market without regulation, as I understand. True ?
Maybe we start with a market with Circumstances that are equal for all contenders. Sooner or later some companies will do better business as others and for that reason they will grow and after some years you will have 3-4 big companies that lead the market in their business. Their interest is to chance the environment to push their business, they are lobbying and buildung strong influence, like it is over the world. How will a free market prevent that ?
If Ron hopefully will hit the military industrial complex which is the best example want can happen as described, how will he cut them without any laws, which would be an intervention he does not want ?
Don't miss understand me, I see in a european way und would like to know how Ron would solve that problem.
Best regards and keep on going !

What is..

"Seeing in a European way"?

(know what you mean, though..)

Now, as to your question.. (good one!)
The interests of consumers and entrepreneurs are in harmony, provided there's a truly free market. Perhaps it's helpful to understand the fundamental difference here, in the way one or the other business becomes "big".

There's the political entrepreneur, who isn't really an entrepreneur at all, since his success depends in large part on some form of collusion with the state bureaucrats.
These corporations share the same interventionist philosophy as the central planners, and they love regulatory schemes, since it helps them to keep small competitors off the marketplace.
People who - justifiably - rail against these corporations, while forgetting about the fact that it is the collusion with Big Gov that makes these firms so nefarious, often don't realize that when they cry "capitalism!", they actually address corporatism, which is simply another word for fascism.

OTOH, there's the free market entrepreneur, who, if successful, will grow "big" indeed, because consumers vote for his company every day with their purchases. That's why Ludwig von Mises called democracy a somewhat imperfect imitation of the free market ;) So "bigness" an sich isn't the problem here.

Hope this rant provided some sort of answer?

Kind regs from Amsterdam, Holland,

Good answer !

Judge Napolitano says in the meaning: "European socialist countries", most people here think that "this kind of socialism" here is the hell of capitalism. Thats what meant by European view. Bismarck realesed for example health insurance for all 1883, we live in social systems for more than 125 years which induces a different view on what means social.:-)

People who - justifiably - rail against these corporations, while forgetting about the fact that it is the collusion with Big Gov that makes these firms so nefarious, often don't realize that when they cry "capitalism!", they actually address corporatism, which is simply another word for fascism.

You are completely right. And this fascism will rise again if the problems are big enough to give Elites a reason to replace democracy or what we should think it is.

your last part I can agree with, but how it can be done that bigness will not lead to monopolismus ?

Best regards from Berlin (not that in NH :-)

This is no biggie ;)

And forgive me if I may sound a bit unoriginal here, but again: don't worry about bigness, even if it leads to a (quasi-)monopoly, if, in a truly free market, that is what people keep voting for with their purchases.
You see, free market exchanges are based on voluntarism, which simply means that there's no coercion involved (as in govt subsidies/schemes/tax benefits, i.e. corporate welfare, and so on). Of course, after a while it might very well be that some young entrepreneurial upstart thinks he can make better stuff and sell it for less. If that's true, the public will vote for his products. Free markets have some extremely volatile and thus powerful voters ;)

Now, for some further useful and genuinely entertaining info, I'd like you to // check out this clip //, by Tom Woods - you might have heard of him? - talking about the notorious phenomenon of "predatory pricing" (I set it to start at 21:51, but the whole clip is very entertaining). You'll love it, since it includes some powerful German actors too ;)

Take care my friend and enjoy!

Thanks a lot

I bookmarked the video, will watch it soon.
Text translation is in progress... :-)

Guess we will write soon.

Best wishes


Free markets don't create a level playing field, they allow for

deserved successes. Ron Paul believes in the rule of law NOT no law. That is a huge misunderstanding.

okay. I' ll try my best to get informed...:-)

Thanks !

Ron Paul favors a free market with regulation

Hi there!

To clarify: Ron Paul is for regulation of a better kind than the government-imposed one (which only benefits the big, politically-connected entities (that can afford expensive lobbying that produces those regulations) and doesn't work as intended) -- Ron favors a free market with regulation (which offers a fair, level playing field for everyone):

"Ron Paul: Well, my complaint is that if you argue for the free market, that you don’t care about regulations and that everything is chaotic and that’s not true. There are two ways you regulate the market. If you do it by the free market, you’re regulated by the consumers, their choices and if they choose to bankrupt the company, the company has to go bankrupt, so you have bankruptcies. You have laws against fraud. You have laws against theft and there’s a regulation, but instead we sort of protect some of those things and we bail out the people who make bad decisions. At the same time, since the people who like government regulations don’t understand that the problems come from the Federal Reserve and the manipulation of the money supply that creates the business cycle, so they figure they can compensate. "We’ll just have more regulations." All these mistakes being made as a consequence of bad monetary policies, "if we just have more bureaucrats checking up on everybody, we’re going to protect everybody."

And my analogy is that it’s similar to people who would like to prevent any slander or any bad comments in newspapers. They have prior restraint. We don’t go to the government and say, "Well, check everything we say in the media." Now, that would be preposterous, but you know, there still are restraints on the media and what people say and do, but as soon as it comes to economics’ prior restraint, we have to check everything, check it out and have the bureaucrats look over your shoulder. It causes chaos. It causes the prices to go up and contributes to the mistakes that the Federal Reserve makes."

Source: http://www.ronpaul.com/2009-11-06/ron-paul-on-free-markets-r...

It is very important to remember that in the run up to financial crisis we didn't have a free market with regulation -- instead, we had an artificial system with government-imposed "regulation." It is because the free market with regulation was not in place we ended up with the bailouts. With a consumer-driven regulation we'd have allowed a few of the business that made bad decisions to fail and we wouldn't have created moral hazard for the remaining ones nor wasted taxpayers' money to socialize private losses.

See also:

"Ron Paul: Everybody said, "Well, bailing out Bear Stearns was just wonderful". Well that to me is sort of like saying, if you have a drug addict having a withdrawal symptom you give him another fix and he feels good, then everything is going to be okay. So I don’t think that can be that reassuring to us because we have so many, many problems that we still face.

And, I believe in regulation. But I don’t believe for a minute that it’s a lack of government regulation that is our problem. It was the fact that the government had licensed the Federal Reserve to distort the market, create capital out of thin air, distort interest rates, cause the malinvestment, the excessive debt.

The market is a good regulator. The market, through interest rate changes, gives us signals that we should follow, but we don’t have that anymore. But just to say "all we need is more regulation", I think it’s sort of like saying that we need regulations for something that is unregulatable, because the system is so artificial. It has nothing to do with the market economy.

So I really fear when I hear statements "well it’s the free market that is the problem", rather than asking, "where did the bubble come from?". And I think it’s very, very precise and very clear where financial bubbles come from and we have to deal with that."

Hope that helps!

Thank you very much for your answer

I need maybe to read some parts again and I thank you all for your open discussion. I agree with you that this situation now is not that product of a free market.

It was the fact that the government had licensed the Federal Reserve to distort the market, create capital out of thin air, distort interest rates, cause the malinvestment, the excessive debt.
I agree with you in that completly. In Germany we had social markets which was over a long time very successful. My opinion is that a free market really not existed in the last 60 years, I am still wondering who will control what maybe banks trade to each other which can build bubbles too if not state can do, because it is corrupted by the corporations

It's like the American Spirit

It's like the American Spirit is re-awakening.

Thanks for writing this.

"I ain't the dying type."

Reader, writer, soldier.

Hear hear

You have more years on me, both in age and support for Paul, yet I supported him before it was cool too. I remember my excitement back in January 2007 watching CSPAN Washington Journal when he announced his exploratory committee. I thought it was great just because he would be able to cause a stir during the debates. I remember having my eyes glued to the ticker on his site the night of the moneybomb, watching the millions come in. I had no idea that our numbers would grow to the extent that they are now. It has surpassed all of my expectations. I remember back when I would be the lone commenter on most sites fighting the Neocons, now I can sit back and enjoy the show. Keep it up everyone, this is just the beginning of a long fight. We are not going anywhere. We will continue to grow and Rand is ready to carry the torch.

The only thing I wish is that Kent Snyder was still around to see this. Kent fought so hard for so long and much of what we are seeing today is because of his hard work. Thank you Kent.

And thank you

for not giving up being a supporter of RP until the rest of us woke up! In fact I say thank you to all who understood much longer than I!

It all started many months back in the back yard of a friend’s house. We were talking about current events/politics and I said I kind of like that Ron Paul guy, remember him from the last election? And my friends son pipes in and says "yeah, I kind of like him too, but some of his ideas are kind of crazy." And the conversation moved on to other things. He expressed kind of what I thought.

Then a few months ago as the primary started drawing closer I thought there is no way I can vote for any of these people. I am so tired of voting against the lesser of two evils. I am so sick and tired of nothing getting accomplished in Washington as they blame each other when they are ALL to blame. I am sick and tired of hearing the media say...."Well, the dems got voted out and republicans got voted in and that is a message to Washington to get their act together" and visa versa the next go-around. Now I am old enough to hear this same crap for several decades as the corruption thickens and I can't take it anymore!

I have never been one for the party only. I can't just blindly follow (although I realize now that is kind of what I was doing..thanks internet) I don't fit in to either dems or republican. I am a part of both, actually neither as they are corrupt. So I decided no matter what I would vote off party. Eventually, maybe, in another decade for another generation we can break this two party, my way only, media bias on top of it bs.

I don't remember exactly what I was watching when I heard Ron Paul speak. I sat and listened and was like, wow...that does not sound crazy to me. So I started paying a little more attention to him and saw that he was going to be giving a speech at the National Press luncheon. So for the first time ever, to my shock, I seeked out CSpan and recorded it. I watched. I was like...wow...he gets it, I get it, I didn't even understand my own dissatisfaction and fear and then hearing him it all came together. And ever since then my heart has been lifted.

I have made donations, have my car bumper magnet, yard sign on the way and sharing the Ron Paul story to others in hopes they to will join in. Lurking on this site for months has taught me so much. So thanks again to all of you who know who he is and kept him going till the rest of us got here!

A pioneer fan

I must say your words say what so many feel. The power of liberty will unite everyone that understands what true liberty is.

I'm 49 This Year...

...so we are of the same vintage. I've been a libertarian most of my life - while my father fought the communists in northern Greece when he was a lad, he eventually became a socialist when he emigrated to Canada to give his children a better life. As I was growing up, I got more and more unhappy with either side: disgusted by the overspending and nannying of the left, and the wars and meddling of the right, I found libertarianism. Seeking a better life for my family, I moved to the US, not thinking that socialism would follow me! Many immigrants like me fled from various degrees of socialism to America, and now we are distressed to see it here.

But I digress.

As a libertarian, I seemed destined to a) never really be able to vote FOR anyone, just against the worst of two options and b) never really expect things to get any better.

That is, until I heard about Ron Paul, back prior to the 2008 nominations. I totally fell in love with his vision, and the fact that here, finally, was one candidate that I had no reservations about voting FOR. I threw myself into his campaign, and even here in liberal California, door knocking for Dr. Paul taught me that almost everyone loves his message. The #1 thing I heard back then was "I love Ron Paul's ideas, but he will never win, which is why I can't back him"

Well, Ron Paul's message is the same - but America is finally coming to him - and realizing his message is what they needed and wanted all along: a message of free speech, free markets and limited government, exactly what the Founders originally envisioned for this country.

Ron Paul has given me HOPE, that things will finally, truly CHANGE.

Ron Paul 2012 - all the way!

chris future

Romney, Newt, Obama, Santorum, Huntsman, What's the Difference?



spread this message - share this video

God Bless Dr. Ron Paul, His Family and His Supporters.

God Save America!

The diference is the cigarette

paper that separates them :)

Ron Paul Revolution is spreading around the world: Freedom and Prosperity TV: libertarian network of alternative media in Western Balkans

Me too!

I have also been following Ron Paul for about 30 years. First read about him in an investment newsletter (Harry Schultz…lecturer/guru) my former boss read regularly. Over the years as I became increasingly involved in the financial markets following economics, Ron Paul’s name would pop up now and then in various newsletters and always with very positive comments usually about how he supported something no one else did or took a courageous stand on an issue important to the free markets. I had taken an economics course in college in which one day the professor railed on and on about the corruption of the Federal Reserve. My awakening has been a learning process from that day. I was so excited finally to support Dr. Paul in 2008. I am still reading a ton of investment newsletters and typically they either state outright that Paul would be the best president or that his ideas are what is needed to change things around in our country; most importantly the need to rein in the Fed is mentioned over and over. All of my friends who are active economic students, investors or investment professionals support Dr. Paul.

To anyone who has expressed skepticism about Paul’s winning in 2012 or his authenticity, my ability to point out my 30 years of knowledge about Dr. Paul has turned them around. I can state with conviction that Paul is the REAL DEAL vs. an elitist or insider. The only thing that gives me hope that our country will prevail and its people become educated and empowered is Ron Paul and his message. He is truly my hero and so is every young person who will carry his message far and wide to make this a better world.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead

Well said and I love the Mead

Well said and I love the Mead quote. Thanks!


Thank you kindly! We are winning!!

Okay, got the message

I don't like to call it 'Europe' myself, but it's in the sense of 'I'm from the European continent' - for the Americans. If I told them I'm from Malta, they'd think it's in Montana ;)

You might have passed through my Youtube channels: /europarl and /ukipmeps

Thank YOU sir!

For not letting the immoral Statist hacks beat you into mental submission with their ridicule and belittling. It's a struggle we all face in our daily lives, at least every time we dare to point out the violence inherent in the system, and, as you pointed out, perhaps the most beautiful thing about the liberty movement and places like the Daily Paul is that we FOR ONCE feel like we are not alone. Growing up, I never thought that freedom and liberty would be controversial things to talk about but when I got into libertarianism and started promoting Dr. Paul in the 2008 elections I learned very quickly why we have allowed our country to become such a vile, corrupt, and evil place... most of the people are pretty f***ing corrupt! Maybe not outwardly but certainly on the inside they are just overflowing with false-self denial, hypocrisy, self-hatred, and confusion about what the hell went wrong with their lives. That is what really motivates me the spread the message: we CAN end that confusion and provide answers to the world's problems! The solution, of course, being the restoration of free markets and property rights and individual liberties.

Thank you for keeping up the good fight, as a young'n I can promise you that I will do what I can to keep the flame of liberty alive through the good and the bad.. and lord knows we are headed in a baaad direction where it could be very dangerous to be a liberty activist! But the fight continues..

Take care!

I'm so Proud of All of you as well!

It is truely a gift to be living to experience mass awakening! God bless you all, especially our young people.
I'm only 57 years young. Just think, Dr. Paul is 76! That's a great number! 2012 is the new 1776!

Another place to throw some FRNs

This billboard idea is great! Consider chipping in


Will run in Utah.

Jonny R
Fellow Lover of Liberty

Paul Tats

Please message me if you have a Ron Paul tattoo or know of one who does and would allow a photo to be used in my article -