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Maddow: CNN Allowing Perry in Debate, Despite Not Meeting ANY of CNN's Own Rules

Apparently CNN's South Carolina debate rules said the candidate must:

1. Be in top 4 in Iowa or New Hampshire
- and -
2. Poll 7% or higher in 3 national polls

Perry has done neither, yet they are letting him in the debate. Nice how they just arbitrarily ignore the rules. Imagine if Ron Paul didn't meet this.


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South Carolina Events

Does anybody know when Dr Paul will be back in South Carolina?

Rick Perry got half as many

Rick Perry got half as many votes as "Other" in New Hampshire...how the heck is he still in the race???

Vermin Supreme

Even Vermin Supreme (guy with boot on his head promising free ponies and dental care) out-polled Perry. Doh!

If you are not OUTRAGED, you're not paying attention!

I have no problem with Perry being in the debate

The only problem is if it were Ron Paul not meeting these criteria he would for sure be excluded. I'm kind of torn on this, Perry divides the vote that Paul probably wont get anyway. So why not allow him without making too big a fuss about it? If anything we can always use this against CNN for trying to exclude anyone else from future debates, even if its years and years down the road.

What a surprise.

What a surprise.

Why? Ratings. This is

Why? Ratings. This is presidential reality after all.

Blatant tactics by the media

All just a distraction to distract the people from the real marginilzation of the race between Dr. Paul and Mittens.. The medias tactics are so obvious against Dr. Paul, at least to the ones that are awake... MSM has lost ALL credibility seriously just beyond comprehension whats going on in this country today they are TOTALLY doing EVERYTHING they can in the establishment to discount, discredit, and ignore Dr. Paul in this race..

~In Liberty, MT

Perry is the only one

whose nose fit the red rubber ball CNN had perfectly.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.



πολλα γαρ πταιομεν απαντες ει τις εν λογω ου πταιει ουτος τελειος ανηρ δυνατος χαλιναγωγησαι και ολον το σωμα

The Perry Surge?

Dr. Paul got more votes in the DEMOCRATIC primary in NH than Perry got in the Republican. How can this guy "surge" anywhere when he's talking about going back into Iraq?!?!

America, Wake the F%^& UP!

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

Author: please update your thread!

Maddow is incorrect.

As indicated by another poster, Perry does meet the criteria.

The criteria are OR-ed, not AND-ed as you stated. Perry meets one of the criteria.

So this can't be used as an attack on CNN (regretfully).

Please update your thread accordingly.

Thank you.

The sources she cited match

The sources she cited match what Brucevdk is saying. It shows it right in the OP video.

Santa Maria, Ca

Maddow is incorrect.

So what's new?

Are the facts right?

just checking...

Let's put him on the VA ballot too!

I'm so frustrated that Perry is allowed to bypass these rules, in both the CNN debate and possibly getting on the VA ballot tomorrow.

Same old hypocracy.

Just imagine if that person had been Ron Paul. Ya think CNN would allow him in? Oh well, the more gunslingers going after Mitt might help.

alan laney

Perry is the NEXT TO SURGE

I think this kind of validates what the media has planned for Perry

Poll on Fox News confirms planned surge!


The "Your Politics Poll" on Fox News confirms planned surge! I tested it out and Rick Perry keeps maintaining around 35% no matter what other votes come in. If he drops in a 30 min period within the hour he will get back to the same level or higher.

I think its fair to say that the poll is influencing and signaling potential voters in SC who to vote for. So the plan is for Perry to resurge.

Gardasil Rick

Another move of desparation by the CFR controlled CNN to eat minutes off the clock, taking away Ron Paul minutes. Even if it means calling your credability into question as a so called news channel. The Globalist gives the order and CNN follows.

egapele's picture

This Perry prop-up scheme will *FAIL* in SC! He insulted

southeast barbecue a while back ("I've tasted roadkill better than this" were his exact words - ewwww!) and it was not forgotten. He doesn't stand a chance.

See November 2011 article here: http://www.dailypaul.com/user/login?destination=comment%2Fre...

"NC Revolts Against Perry's Taste in Barbecue"

"...WCTI-TV caught up with the restaurant owner who Perry dissed, Wilbur King of King's BBQ. 'He has admitted to eating road-kill, and knowing what it tastes like. How can this person possibly judge any food,' asked King. He added, 'Hey Gov, if you're going to ask somebody to vote for you, you better not slap them before you ask them.'"

No matter the tricks they use

He still climbs in the polls AND in the voting! They claimed Santorum surged, and so Santorum gained a statistical tie in Iowa. Then, he fizzled and will continue to drop until he's gone.

They claimed Huntsman was surging and he claimed a DISTANT 3rd in NH. And he will continue to fizzle until he's gone. He will not come in the top 3 in SC, that is certain. ANd his excuse for staying after NH was that he claimed 3rd (really? 3rd place after 2 states means you have a shot?).

Now, they're allowing Perry to "surge" in SC. But will it do any good? He'll probably finish 3rd or 4th there too (oops!). then what? If he doesn't actually WIN South Carolina, Perry is gone.

Newt may finish in the top 3, but his lack of a national campaign will be his undoing and he will FINALLY fizzle out. Maybe not after SC, but give another state or two and he's gone.

The media keeps trying to cram the others down the GOP's throat, while at the same time keeping Romney as the "inevitable" nominee. Why? To constantly try and marginalize Ron Paul so his message isn't heard as much.

But oh how it is backfiring! More people are realizing he's the only true alternative to Obomney. More true conservatives are recognizing that he actually HAS a chance this time. Their consciences are SCREAMING at them to vote for a man who actually holds their values (even if they don't line up completely). The tide is turning.

And Fred Karger can stomp on Santorum's head (he loves it)

And Fred Karger can stomp on Santorum's head (he loves it) too. I noticed ol' Fred was in the montage of candidates behind Rach, along with Roemer, Huntsman, Perry, and Gingrinch.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"



"No army can stop an idea whose time has come"



Prepare for the perry surge ....

Maddow is right about one thing...

Why not have Buddy Roemer in there? He and RP can double team Mittens.

BTW, Bad Newt is showing up to this debate for sure. He doesn't have enough magic serum to suppress him anymore.

Talking Points

New here. Does this about cover it? :

The only candidate who comes within a million miles of satisfying Occupy or Tea Party demands, satisfies NEARLY 100% of BOTH!

Who wants to vote for a guy, whose talking points haven't changed for *thirty years* who will:

1. Abolish the IRS his first day in office. That is an instant "bailout" for every taxpayer in the United States, nearly *doubling* our income INSTANTLY.
2. Day 2: Pay for that by Cutting a Trillion Dollars from the budget, by ending our military occupations of 900 military bases in 135 foreign countries, and instead start talking to them and doing business with them ("Isolationist" is a RepubliCrat corporate media LIE) and by
4. Abolish the Federal Reserve. Buncha foreign Criminals
5. Immediately Delete the NDAA War Against US Citizens, Including KGB/Gestapo Imprisoning and Torturing US Act
6. Patriot Act Smackdown! Duh
7. Abolish the Department of LGBT Indoctrination (oops, Education)
8. Abolish the Environmental Nazi Agency
9. Abolish the Securities and Exchange Commission, which means FIRING all the Goldman Sachs Clones running it!
10. Need I mention Abolishing Obaminacare?
11. End the billions per year boondoggle of the War to Protect the CIA's Drug Prices.
12. Abolish the Drug Price Protection Agency, and immediately pardoning all imprisoned for drugs (the United States of America imprisons a higher percentage of its population THAN ANY OTHER NATION ON EARTH)
13. And, ABOLISH the Department of Homeland Nazis! No More Groping Grandma!
14. Actually DEFEND and ENFORCE the borders of our nation, ending Two Decades of RepubliCrat Sleezball Lying About It.
15. As an added BONUS! The traitorous, sold out RepubliCrat Party, corporate media wormtongues, Wall Streeter Elitist Corporatocracy/Cleptocratic Agents infesting the Senate, Congress, Judicial...Military Industrial Complex, etc, etc, etc ALL HATE HIM!

What's Not To Love?


MR is a ringer like Kerry. If you want more BushObama, get Romney in there. He's there because he's unelectable, to throw the election to the RepubliCrat Obama.

The other RINOS are staying in there to siphon off the votes that would otherwise go to RP. Go RP!

I wouldn't tell people this exactly

Paul can't abolish the IRS or the Fed day one and he hasn't said he would. Those require legislation from Congress. He would start bringing the troops home from places they're not needed. He would certainly be arguing the case to the American people to do those things, though. He would cut 1 trillion dollars year one, perhaps by virtue of executive power to not spend money set aside for a purpose by Congress? I'm not sure on that one. So I would say he will support all these things and do what is in his Constitutional power to do, but he will not act as dictator and do what a President shouldn't be able to do.

Yes He Could Make a Difference

Paul could get the rules changed at the IRS to end its hostility towards tax honesty advocates, and making it end many of its fraudulent enforcement practices. Just ending the practice, for one example, of filing its NOTICE of tax lien (the notice itself is not a lien) in the LIEN section of the county recorder's office (such that it gets treated as one anyway, despite the lack of a judge's order) would itself be a big improvement.