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GOP Strategist on Freedom Watch: "Ron Paul can beat Mitt Romney"


(thanks for the video link, telepathic)

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watch and share eveywhere

Now that we are down to two Candidates with the momentum to continue we need to target Romney and expose him for what he is, I found this video today and hope you will watch and share it. I did not make this video but it is good and we need to capitalize on our momentum and bring Romney down a peg or five. Check it out and share it everywhere lets make it viral.


Mitt Romney: job creator or corporate raider?

Mitt Romney: Was he a job creator or a corporate raider?

That's the question this film answers.

And it’s not pretty.

Mitt Romney was not a capitalist during his reign at Bain. He was a predatory corporate raider. His firm didn't seek to create value. Instead, like a scavenger, Romney looked for businesses he could pick apart. Indeed, he represented the worst possible kind of predator, operating within the law but well outside the bounds of what most real capitalists consider ethical.

He is exhibit number one the left wants to use in the coming election to give capitalism a bad name.

He and his friends at Bain were bad guys. Any real capitalists should disavow Romney's ‘creative destruction’ model that made him wealthy at the expense of thousands of American jobs.

Mitt Romney and his cronies pioneered ‘deindustrialization,’ a process by which they searched out vulnerable companies, took them over, loaded them with debt, and collected obscene fees while doing so. He sent jobs overseas or killed them altogether, and then picked apart the remains - including pension funds - before the companies went bankrupt.

Some might call that the free market. Most of us think its just plain wrong.

If you wonder why America has lost so many manufacturing jobs overseas, look no further than Mitt Romney – the King of Bain.

Think you know Mitt?

Think again . . .

RP Army vs. MR Air Force

They have money for high-tech machinery, and we have large numbers of devoted personnel.

A very apt representation.

I bet we have more Pilots than they have soldiers!

When things look good - DOUBLE SECURITY!

Who's watching Ron now?

Rights are like muscles; you must exercise them to keep them fit, or they will atrophy and die.

Ron Paul's base is international!

His message crosses national and cultural borders. What a leader! Today was full of positive news!

Don't waste your time trying to be right, spend it trying to get better

This is great to hear. I am

This is great to hear. I am slowly seeing support for Ron Paul grow in the media. While the MSM still tries to suppress their support for him, they keep talking themselves into corners. You cannot deny what Ron has going for him.. even though they try. I am seeing a crop of new commentators coming out with support for him, even if the moderators dont agree. When GOP strategists start saying ALL positive things about him, those are important allies. Note he didnt say this and that is good, BUT there are problems. Its all good. People like this have an incredible amount of pull behind the curtain.

Thanks for posting.

Cite on the independent split?

This guy claims Ron Paul was clearly ahead with the independents in NH's primary but the only numbers I've seen have Romny and Paul in a statistical tie (31 to 30 % respectively).

If you read nothing else, read this: A Contract Between Americans



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Oh Wow

Got a stiffy watching that interview. That guy actually said that stuff out loud! on National TV! OMFG!


We need to keep feeding the fire,first Iowa then NH.If he does well IN SC Their is no stopping the torch of liberty,it will spread like a wild fire!

This was so good I could

This was so good I could hardly stand it!!

"This video has been removed

"This video has been removed by the user."

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

I was expecting that guy to bust out singing Danke Schoen

Is that strategist Wayne Newton's lovechild?

If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don't dare have one.

I'm getting suspiscious of Murdoch

Ya think this is a game to him?

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul

This needs to go viral!!

This is awesome! its so nice to see the judge is helping out RP. and with a guest calling out all the faults of romney. Ron Paul 2012!!!!!

video removed by user ???

video removed by user ???

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
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great video

I liked that guy...


for Liberty!

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Thank you

Guys, watch it HERE at Fox

Guys, watch it HERE at Fox Bus.'s Freedom Watch site: http://www.foxbusiness.com/on-air/freedom-watch/index.html#/...

Hope this helps!


ok so

what exactly is going on here? you having trouble working youtube or is the video magically being disabled?

Trying again

I'm trying it again, but this time I checked "Unlisted." The video will be available at this link in about 20 minutes:


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This video got blocked worldwide. I had to remove it.

Hang tight

someone authorized will find it and get it out... Nice try though.