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Ron Paul vs Goldman Sachs

Other than the main platform issues which we support in this movement, Ron Paul needs to start coming out in these interviews and stating the cold hard facts:

"I'm not running against Mitt Romney or Obama. I am running against Goldman Sachs and the other manipulators of the free market system. Goldman Sachs is the largest contributor to both Obama and Mitt. They get their marching orders from the owners of the privately owned Federal Reserve system. Mitt supports government bailouts for big banks who don't know how to treat their customers. Small business entrepreneurs who provide better service to their customers should be filling the void when companies who don't know how to treat their customers go bankrupt. This is what I'm talking about with respect to the free market and why those who oppose capitalism such as those in the occupy movement need to realize that we haven't had free market capitalism in a very long time.

This is why I think Mitt Romney is just as hypocritical as Chickenhawk Newt Gingrich. He says he believes in the free market yet doesn't oppose the Federal Reserve system. The FED's majority owners are on the board of directors of Goldman Sachs. You can easily find plenty of statements where Mitt has openly supported the FED and also opposed auditing the it. Of course now he's flip-flopped on this issue due to mounting criticism. I've been saying the same thing for over 30 years."

If we want capitalism to survive, we better start capitalizing on these GOLDen opportunities. RP needs to WIN -> I will not settle for anything less.

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Let's put a face on the FED

We've all been chanting "END THE FED END THE FED" but the average disenchanted voter has no idea what that means.

RP should say: "Mitt Romney is the FED. Obama is the FED. If you're going to nominate Mitt Romney then why are we wasting all these people's money when we can just end this political charade right now and give Obama another 4 years.

I can't understand why the most important issue the GOP and media are pushing is that we change the name of who is president. Honestly, actions speak louder than words but it seems that only my supporters can hear them. When you take a look at what they do, I don't see a dime's worth of difference between Mitt Romney and Barrack Obama. If the party wants to nominate Mitt then you can be sure there won't be a whole lot of people watching some very boring debates and it won't matter at all to the people who is "electable" because most of them will just stay home."