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Media Bias? Follow the Money!

The media bias is not new to the Ron Paul Revolution. The MSM is blatant and arrogant when it comes to bashing the Good Doctor Paul. From Rush Limbaugh screaming obscenities about Paul to Sean Hannity attempting to discredit Paul and Fox News blatantly removing Doctor Paul from it's coverage. Once you start tumbling down the rabbit hole you find something least expected.

Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, The Fox News Network and approximately 1,500 other broadcast transmissions are owned by Clear Channel. In 2006 Clear Channel was purchased by... guess who... Bain Capital, whom Mitt Romney is a founder of.

We all knew that Mitt Romney was worth a pretty penny, somewhere in the range of a quarter billion, nobody knows for sure as he refuses to release his financial statement. However, I would assume that many people, like myself, never expected to see Mitt Romney behind the curtains of the media.

It's no wonder that Mittens Romney is suggested to be the anointed nominee.

In light of this ugly news it is good to see that some of these broadcast stations are beginning to fail, such as the drop in ratings that Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh have been experiencing over the last year. What more can we do?


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been this way for years

I guess a lot of us already knew this for a long time - but glad you posted it. It's good for some of this stuff the be kept in the public eye.

btw - the same strategy works for all of our opposition - the Fed,MSM, etc...

keep up the good work.