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Bain Capital and Rush, Hannity, Levin

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I live in Southern California

and one of the only english speaking talk radio stations we have to listen to is KFI AM which is owned by Clear Channel. They carry Rush Limbaugh, Bill Handle and John and Ken and if they bring Ron Paul's name up at all, it is rare and generally negative, marginalizing him by making fun of him.

This is far more important to us

...in my opinion than Newt's Michael Moore style documentary that many here are climbing on board with.

I looked into this a little bit. I recalled back in 07/08 reading something on LRC about this. It isn't clear to me at what point Bain was bought out of the media venture though. I thought I read they were.

Anyone see that?

uumm umm

now things are starting to come together, Sean and I wonder about McCain,


for a while now ive been wondering why they hammer dr paul so hard. Now its clear they have vested personal interests in Romney. im glad i wrote both of them off months ago

St.Amant, LA...Libertarian Party of Ascension Parish

Bain is everywhere...

The "Lower My Bills" ad next to the artical is from Experian, another Bain company.