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Bain Owns Hannity, Limbaugh, Savage, Beck, Levin...

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Interesting but keep in mind

that Clear Channel owns radio stations, not the hosts you listed. The hosts are syndicated by other companies. Hannity Beck and Limbaugh are with Premeire, Savage is with TRN and Levin is with Cumulus.

man oh man

now thats why Romney will not Beat Obama in the General Election, because if you ever see the movie When Romney comes to town, man its over with, I dont care how broke people are they will not vote for him in the States like Ohio, Ill, Ind, Wis, etc and thats the truth, its a bad hit on him,
and now for Sean and Levin and Rush, the gig is up boys lol and for the Media its a war against you Media Fascist