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Wow: Krauthammer Praises Ron Paul's Achievement

But the bigger winner was Ron Paul. He got 21 percent in Iowa, 23 in New Hampshire, the only candidate other than Romney to do well with two very different electorates, one more evangelical and socially conservative, the other more moderate and fiscally conservative.

Put aside your own view of libertarianism or of Paul himself. I see libertarianism as an important critique of the Leviathan state, not a governing philosophy. As for Paul himself, I find him a principled, somewhat wacky, highly engaging eccentric. But regardless of my feelings or yours, the plain fact is that Paul is nurturing his movement toward visibility and legitimacy.

And it matters not whether you find amusement in libertarians practicing dynastic succession. What Paul has already wrought is a signal achievement, the biggest story yet of this presidential campaign.


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Krauthammer was a liberal before

he reinvented himself as a conservative.
The writing was on the wall that his liberal tag wasn't paying much so he just switched sides.
Dick Morris, O'reilly, Michael Savage. liberals who also realized where the money was.
They rely on uninformed people so that they can inform (propagandise) them into their thinking.


a liberal before he became a

a liberal before he became a 'conservative'..... hmmm... wouldn't that be the very definition of a NEO-CON?

I prefer

neo-nitwit. Add the founder of the neo-nitwit, Bill Kristol.


Krauthammer Fails To Acknowledge That Libertarianism Was The...

governing philosophy in constitutional America from the Revolutionary Era until the emergence of the federal Leviathan during the Depression. Even afterwards, during the postwar period, it was the most influential strain of thought within "Mr. Republican" Ohio Senator Robert Taft's GOP.

The capitulation of the people to their government began in earnest during the 30's. What we have witnessed during the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama generation of misrule has been the final catastrophic loss of the original small 'r' republican virtues imbued within the charters of the Founders' Republic. Step by step we have ceded our sovereignty to our elected and unelected officials, the judiciary, the bureaucrats, corporations and international bodies.

Constitutional libertarianism didn't fail us, we the people undermined our own liberty and sovereignty, and are facing now the ultimate price of our foolishness, the total loss of our economic and national security, the irretrievable loss of our economic and national future. But there is a secular Great Awakening spreading, a newfound fervor for freedom led by the Paulians, and intuitively felt by all.

Krauthammer is right to the extent that it is a gigantic "if" whether we have the fortitude necessary to win back our freedom, so fallen are we and given over to corporate interests and crushing statism. Where he is dead wrong, and as a neoconservative statist he has never believed in it anyway, is that individual freedom as embodied in the Founders' vision of constitutional libertarianism is what once made us great and may yet make our country great again. This fight is the vital test upon which the future of America and the world rests.

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That he does...

Conservatives in the Edmund Burke tradition always have a hard time admitting that, no doubt.

Norfolk, VA

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

Thank you! That was very well

Thank you! That was very well said, and needs to be said, often.


good comments on that "article." Much more articulate and patient than I could be.

Someone ought to tell him that we're not here to gain a speaking slot at the convention. We're here to fire the guys in there right now, and replace them with people of good character.

We're "trying to change the course of history," as Dr. Paul says.

Krotchy acts as if we're some sort of cute little act that amuses them. F a bunch of that.

How dare him compare RP to Jackson? Jackson is a prostitute, and a race baiter.

Krotchy should be encouraged to walk/roll toward the light, and stop "going along to get along" just to feather his nest.

Hmmm, they must have retracted the old

"Ignore him at all cost" memo and replaced it with a "For god's sake show him some freakin' love so he doesn't go third party!" memo.

I like this piece especially because I think there is still a lot of retribution due, fully apparent when that "wacky Paul" moves up the next notch to grab first. Krauty will have helped sow the seeds of his own ideological demise.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

I wanna be....your Krotchhammer


Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

A Single Signal Achievement

Rand Paul for Prince!!



You can't get clean in a dirty bathtub.

For Krauthammer this is much...

Everytime they try to silence Ron by finally giving him respect (like "not to bad, but that's all")...
... it never has been all.

We to strive for more...

my Ron Paul video collection:

(4 years RP, over 2300 videos)

Charles 'The Mole' Krauthhammer

thinks he's got it all figured out.
This guy cracks me up!


"I find him somwhat wacky, he

"I find him somwhat wacky, he amuses me."

What an arrogant elitist douche. He should worry about all the blood on his own hands rather than make himself look foolish for critisizing a better man than himself.

The Putdowns Are Subtle But Still Very Much There

>And he is unlike any of the other candidates. They’re out to
>win. He admits he doesn’t see himself in the Oval Office.

When asked about that comment, Ron Paul has repeatedly said that he's in this to win.

>Paul is less a candidate than a "cause," to cite his
>election-night New Hampshire speech. Which is why that
>speech was the only one by a losing candidate that was
>sincerely, almost giddily joyous. The other candidates had
>to pretend they were happy with their results.

This is sort of a way to "frame" the situation. He's telling the reader that when you see that optimism, you're really looking at a loser who is usurping time from real candidates in order to "promote a cause".

>Libertarianism will have gone from the fringes -- those
>hopeless, pathetic third-party runs -- to a position of
>prominence in a major party.

In a sense, he associates Dr. Paul with the words "hopeless" and "pathetic"

>is goal is to have the second-most delegates, a position
>of leverage from which to influence the platform and
>demand a prime-time speaking slot -- before deigning to
>support the nominee at the end.

Again, this is saying "he's not a serious candidate"

>The Republican convention could conceivably feature a
>major address by Paul calling for the abolition of the
>Fed, FEMA and the CIA; American withdrawal from
>everywhere; acquiescence to the Iranian bomb -- and
>perhaps even Paul's opposition to a border fence lest it
>be used to keep Americans in.

He'll "acquiescence to the Iranian bomb"?!? I don't think of that as Krauthammer being complimentary (or fair!) to Dr. Paul at all.

>Paul is 76. He knows he'll never enter the promised land.

Using Dr. Paul's age to discount him. Plus again reinforcing that he isn't serious about trying to win.

>But he's clearing the path for son Rand, his better placed
>(Senate versus House), more moderate, more articulate

Here he's saying that Dr. Paul has ulterior motives.

The scary thing to me is that Krauthammer almost sounds like he approves of Rand Paul. That doesn't make me feel very good. I don't want any candidate that Charles Krauthammer feels okay with.

Oh yeah. Just what you said,

Oh yeah. Just what you said, and on top of that, he somehow says that Ron's great speeches, like Jesse Jackson's etc., are just so inspiring. I hate to say it but Ron's "speech-giving" is not near to those people. It just so happens that what he says has substance and is what we want from our next president. He still does not get it..DUH!

Focus on the positive-this

Focus on the positive-this guy hates Ron Paul

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Yep, and now he's starting to

Yep, and now he's starting to think about doing damage control in case these quaint somewhat wacky and amusing common people actually do get in power.

CK is hedgeing his bets

If RP wins, he would lose credibility by straight up bashing the good Dr.; it might cost him ratings, a job, or $ over at Faux. That's why he cloaked his rhetoric. Now, let's see how long it takes for Rush-Bo to call him a 'wuss'.

"Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos!"- Homer Simpson