Colbert on Ron Paul's Exchange with Huckabee

JeffnDallas writes:

For those not familiar with Stephen Colber's brand of humor, he is a political satirist. This piece he did on being "honor bound" was a tongue-in-cheek commentary on how American's are so easily duped into policies when thrown the "honor" bone. But according to Stephen, what Ron Paul said "Thunk right."

Excellent. Funny, if it weren't so sadly true. Thanks Jeff.

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This is classic Colbert :)

Let's spread it all over the place. And, miracle of miracles, Comedy Central's crappy video viewer even worked today! :)

That is one piece where we

That is one piece where we want Paul's name mentioned AS LITTLE as possible. :)

The fact that Paul was practically left out is a de facto vindication of his having won that debate.

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Its so witty, just great!

HA HA HA HA! Priceless... OH! and did I hear an Orwellian reference?

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