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Chris Kyle vs Jesse Ventura

This guy Chris Kyle makes me sick! Yes, I know Ventura has denied this ever happened, and I believe him, but what if it was true?

This guy who thinks he's a "man's man" because he has shot people from far distances away, is on national radio bragging that he punched a disabled man 20+ years his senior?!?!? WTF??? Ridiculous! I don't care who Jesse used to be, he's not the same man anymore! He wouldn't last two seconds in a fight with a bad hip at his age against a young Navy Seal... what's this guy Chris Kyle's dysfunction... why is he embarrassing himself like this???

Moreover, he's bragging he "cold cocked" someone and then ran! What a freak'n moron!!! There's nothing brave about cold cocking someone, ever!

Watch how he tells the story, it make me sick and he's clearly lying about it, watch his facial expressions....


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what makes me sick is O'Rielly

Bill reminds of those guys who cant whip ass on his own, Bill and Eric on the 5. They got owned by Jesse and they have found their guy to help em out after school. Its the worst T.V crap Ive ever seen. and its disgraceful to the seals.

Bill and his America, Ive noticed that Bill is not a big fan of the Constitution, I would of hated being a student of his, because I would of been kicked out of school early

I ignore O'Reilly, he's

I ignore O'Reilly, he's bought and paid for by the establishment and that's why he's allowed to have a show even if his ratings drop.