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Politico: Pro Ron Paul Santa Rita Super PAC Makes BIG ($300K) Ad Buy in SC

From Politico:

A new volley of South Carolina television advertising cost a pro-Ron Paul super PAC more than $317,500, new independent expenditure filings with the Federal Election Commission indicate.

The Santa Rita SuperPAC, which didn’t exist until Jan. 4, purchased ad time on 13 broadcast stations and cable, the filings indicate. The buy guarantees that Paul, a Texas congressman, will stay up on the airwaves for the duration of the South Carolina presidential primary campaign.

Continue at Politico:

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More Info: Santa Rita Super PAC

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I'm thrilled about these ads!

As someone else posted below, here's the email for the Huffines brothers, to thank them:


I wonder if an avalanche of email from Paul supporters will become a nuisance...however, I'm sure he has a secretary, or several.

The last one directed towards

The last one directed towards South Carolina specifically, was the best.


Awesome commitment by Ron Paul supporters.

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I love these ads....

especially the Military one. Unfortunately, Rick Perry is also an active duty veteran, but I guess one can make the case that he's really not a candidate.



Thank you Santa Rita Super PAC!

Great ads but.... Please, please, please change the voiceover on these ads quick! It sounds terrible!

Fresno, CA

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Huffines Communities - Rothbardian?

Privately owned roads, private security, private infrastructure, are these communities what Rothbard's anarchy look like?

Or a more serious question, do the Santa Rita PAC owners look at these as such?

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It's a small world sometimes

I was a good friend of his father Ray up through the second grade in Commerce, TX (at the A. L. Day Elementary School). We played with Tonka trucks and plastic soldiers in the dirt in my back yard . . .

Check out my new site to help promote and fund Ron Paul: http://www.bestronpaulvideos.net/

oh, did someone order some...


So nice.

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THIS IS F****** AWESOME.Padon my language

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Some more on our patron

Some more on our patron "saint"


Cos Cob, CT

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"These guys are either crazy

"These guys are either crazy or genius, pledging $100 Million dollars Fora troubled property during a housing depression."


I think they are geniuses pledging all this scratch for a disadvantaged candidate during a global economic depression.

Cos Cob, CT

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Interesting, he's given

Interesting, he's given almost 100k to his governor between 06-10.


Cos Cob, CT

Maybe he's a new convert



This PAC runs some awesome ads. I think I may even like what they put out in terms of appealing to voters more than the Campaign for Liberty or Revolution PAC.

Say thanks!

"Dallas property developer Donald Huffines is running the Santa Rita SuperPAC..."

Thank this guy!

Donald Huffines: http://www.huffinescommunities.com/team-dh.aspx

Paul ante portas.

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It's both Donald and

It's both Donald and Phillip...town brothers.

Cos Cob, CT


We figured this out about 20 min ago. I called and left him a voicemail, with my contact info. I let him know that I posted the # on this site, so that he will likely be getting an influx of calls. Spread the word. You don't need to call, just have to send a check to the address that I posted below.



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Just emailed Mr. Huffines

Awesome work, thanks bamboooodmad.

omg. awesome.

love them ads. :)

More Great News!

So many positive things happening to the campaign just since NH. If this momentum keeps up, I can't see how we could lose SC! :)

Peace sells... but who's buying?

Contact the SantaRita SuperPac

The # was in the ads...(214) 750-1800

I've been reading this board for the past month and a half. I'm Active Duty Army, and have supported Ron Paul since 2008. He is our only hope, and TRUST me when I tell you this, there's a reason he's getting all the support from our troops. We see and know things that the normal "busy" American does not.

Contact the PAC and donate, but don't forget about the MoneyBomb from the 14th-17th. This PAC is awesome, but don't forget that Mr. Paul's campaign gets $0 if you elect to only donate to the PAC

Donate to both if you're capable. Us military folks just got paid, I'm donating to both.

There has NEVER been a more serious time to stand up for what we believe in as Americans than right now. It's time to Unite as one, or die as many!

Ron Paul for president in 2012... It's more than an awakening or a movement... It will soon be a reality! Rise with us, so we can take our country back!!!!!

Just recieved email from SuperPac

"Thank you for your inquiry. Yes, you can donate and all of your donation will go toward TV air time.

Please make your check payable to the Santa Rita Super Pac and mail it to my attention. The FEC requires that disclose contributors and if they are individuals we must include the employers name and occupation. Please include your employer name and occupation.

Phillip Huffines
Huffines Communities
8200 Douglas Ave., Ste. 300
Dallas, TX 75225
Ph: 214-750-1800"

That was the response from the SuperPac.
Hope that this helped.

I found this site about Mr Huffines

Together, we just solved the

Together, we just solved the "mysterious SuperPac" mystery. To be a part of such a great movement is amazing!


I need a list of sites... All

I need a list of sites... All I do is come on here, his official website, and constantly check for updates of FoxNews and CNN. There has to be more sites. Please provide as many pro-Paul sites that you may know.

Re: I need a list of sites... All

Three sites Ron Paul says he reads everyday:


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And my Ron Paul vs. Lincoln video: