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Video: CNN reporter Dana Bash gets "Snowballed" by Ron Paul supporters

Here's our video of CNN reporter Dana Bash receiving some choice words from supporters after the primary rally on January 10th in NH. Perhaps Ms. Bash should have taken notes from Sean Hannity before maligning the good doctor:


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Look, Ron Paul himself and

Look, Ron Paul himself and Jesse Benton cut an interview with her because it is sorely obvious that she is biased against him. Jack Hunter was just on the Judge talking about Dana Bash and her bias against Ron. It seems to me that there are a few on the DP who just like to argue with everyone else and will pick a fight every chance they get. We are soaring in the polls, we are gaining supporters by leaps and bounds, the country is finally starting to see the light. Let's not waste our time with pettiness like this. Just like Ron says about gay marriage, you see it your way and we'll see it ours! No point in going on and on about something minor like this when we are clearly winning the national argument about much more pressing matters.

If she could

step back a few paces, she might recognize an opportunity: A new audience that knows who she is, and is engaged. If she started filing fair reports and illuminating RP instead of trying to pull him down, she might get a huge career boost, and she could choose her network and salary. This could be her Katie Couric moment. Is she blowing it? Advice to Dana Bash: New angle for RP coverage: Incorruptible.

So the solution to her being

So the solution to her being biased against us, is her being biased for us?

Or maybe you just stop trying to REGULATE what she's doing.


See: John Oliver's Daily Show piece 1/12/12


How is my personal advice to Dana Bash regulations? I'm saying, as an individual journalist in a free market, she'd be ahead of the curve if she could put her personal views on ice, and recognize these people in her face are a vibrant new audience. Why are they irate? How can I reach them? She's not listening. She thinks we're blind. A good friend would tell her to listen to the people she thinks are blind. That would put her personally in an electric zone, and her reports would be naturally compelling.

Intriguing analysis


Wow - I actually dislike her more now

Who thought that would be possible? What a haughty, condescending, self-deluded tool. Objective journalist? That's absurd. I hope people keep letting her know what a fraud she is at all of these events. Great work Ron Paulers.

I actually liked this video

I actually liked this video and I do think that journalists should be called out when they display unfair bias, in order to remind them what their job should be in the first place.

But watching this whole thread here, with all the flame posts, the excessive downratings, the f-words, slandering people who caution against mob sentiments as 'trolls' and 'newbies', I get second thoughts. On top of it one poster who seriously demands a 'better looking woman' to cover Ron Paul's campaign (which betrays unbelievable shallowness), and a ton of minus votes for the guy who mentioned that Bash's coverage has somewhat improved after her admittedly not-so-glorious blunders.

It's one thing to criticize a journalist for lack of fairness and objectivity, it's another to rile people up to some sort of virtual lynch mob. Because this is what it begins to look like. And that really turns people off who are not at all fond of running with a mob.

Yup. You get it.

Yup. You get it.

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Spot on Goatmilk.


all the newbs huddling

all the newbs huddling together.. classic.

You're doing a good job

You're doing a good job chasing the 'newbs' away by offending and ridiculing them.

i'm not trying to put

words in your mouth, but you may have meant 'conveys' instead of 'betrays'

i agree with your comment


Thanks, you're right. English

Thanks, you're right. English isn't my native language, so at times a wrong word can slip in.

No Bullying

I'm with you. Nobody likes a bully.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

she had it coming...

Plain and simple. these people were polite but firm...my hats off to them. I for one am not a pacifist, so i believe in fighting for what's right. these guys are fighting for my freedom and when i read comments like iowakureba's it makes me wonder whats going on there...seems kind of trollish to me.

I don't disagree with what

I don't disagree with what you're saying. I said I liked the way they conducted themselves in the video.

My only beef is that the spark to all of this was a misinterpreted sentence from her, and I think if we are going to defend truth, we should not pick and choose when to do it.

I'm not a troll (sounds like I'm being labeled a terrorist) and I am sincere in wanting to make Paul the next president.

We can't win people over if were being disrespectful, untruthful and unwelcoming.

I have so many friends who are either Obama supporters, or think Paul is just another republican, and I know that this thread right here will NOT win them over.

I agree. I enjoyed this

I agree. I enjoyed this video and appreciate the civility of the Ron Paul supporters calling her out on frivolous and sensationalist reporting.

But I absolutely DON'T support attacking this woman on her looks or obsessing over an arguably misspoken sentence.

Show your support for Ron Paul and inspire others at new grassroots site:
( Consider uploading a picture or video of your sign or event, etc .)

This would be her chance...

...to duck out for a while, and then re-launch her career!!!

While in this position, she should really QUIT CNN because of their image of being just another predominately mocking agency towards Ron Paul(who has a HUGE following, and growing popularity for a REASON).

CNN has always been the Communist News Network...violating their own rules and allowing Rick Perry in the upcoming debate just proves they are still a worthless, stretching, desperate organization trying to compete...

Some of these people/employees/writers/reporters need personal introspection about their choice of a career, and understand they will only succeed if they are working for a professional news outfit; especially the YOUNG people!

Immediately I think of the young, fresh out of college interns who screen calls for Fox News radio guys like Hannity - trained to mock and hang up on Ron Paul supporters because haughty jerks like Hannity and O'Reilly and Levin and Dick Morris have instilled in them this idea that in order to get ahead in this "competitive" arena, they need to dismiss others as ignorant, and tear good people down in order to "get ahead"!

A person of confidence and integrity(and personal patriotic morality) would QUIT being associated with such UNFAIR biased stupidity that only lends itself to insulting the American public, and perpetuates our nation's DIVIDE and DESTRUCTION!

Walk Dana, you've been tarred and feathered KINDLY for playing the "ridicule Ron Paul" GAME; other REPORTERS TAKE NOTICE!!!...Ridicule is not often the test of truth; and we RP supporters have been making this point for months now, and NOW we are WINNING!!!

We don't have the TIME to sift through whether any news reporter/right-wing pundit or outfit is "fair" 51% of the time to Dr. Paul - like Michael Savage(one day some come on here and praise him as awesome towards Dr. Paul's policy positions, and everyone gets excited; and then he turns around and bashes him the next day) - so we bring it down to a personal level; imagine a RP supporter confronting Michael Savage, or any of these other insulated, overpaid sell-out's in public to their face!

If you're out in public with RP on the campaign trail, or in a sea of supporters; all you need to do is cross this line just ONCE and our cameras will be rolling! On a national stage; if you dare to criticize or openly mock Ron Paul or his supporters with NOTHING to back you up, then expect to suffer blowback by people/INDIVIDUALS who actually care about the future of this country, and ALL the CHILDREN who are already rendered DEBT SLAVES to out of control government at the hands of the status-quo-Federal-Reserve cronyism!!!

It's only a severe minority of celebrity individuals, people in high office(and the media) that are DESTROYING this country; just because they have MONEY doesn't mean their right!...and if you're going to HELP them, by mocking the ONLY Statesman in this race; the only Statesman with the GUTS to challenge the 'good 'ol buddy' apparatus that has rendered our nation a violent, insolvent, immoral empire in the eyes of the world - then you have some serious soul searching to do...considered yourself WARNED...don't MOCK this revolution of knowledge and truth-telling about the restoration of our Republic!

Bow out Dana; you took your lumps...separate yourself from "the machine" and re-emerge as an insightful inquisitor looking for the TRUTH, who actually cares about our posterity! Don't be an opportunistic shill; in the long run you'll lose!

We are CHANGING this nation, we are the NEW MEDIA!!!

Great job by Ron Paul

supporters being respectful yet concise on what they were upset about.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

One thing that many may have missed

Is when the guy is talking about some hand shaking issue and she's defending herself with "Well, it's a 24 hour channel, we put out a lot of news, that was just a small part of it" (paraphrased).
I can see that to some extent and therein actually lies the problem. 24-hour news by it's very definition can't provide 24 hours of news unless the majority of news is some petty crap. That's why we have "news" about petty , irrelevant things like handshake, Kardashians, and other nonsense like that. They simply have to fill their time. They ultimately turn what could have been journalists into talking heads, pundits and entertainers. It's systemic - if you don't turn into one you won't be able to meet your obligations to fill the time.
I hope that we live in the decade that will mark beginning of the end of this concept and more focus on news gathered by aggregation of input from real journalists from different places who focus specifically on real news.


and it doesn't help that they intermix real news with entertainment news. forcing a credible journalist to give us a kardashian updates reduces their credibility.

Petty crap is the subject of

Petty crap is the subject of the news in a peaceful nation.

Kardashians > Iranian scientists dying


I know everyone watched the Newt Gingrich racism segment on The Daily Show.

But did anyone happen to see the piece by John Oliver after that?

I'm gonna go ahead and say

I'm gonna go ahead and say it...

Dr. Paul needs a better looking woman covering his campaign. When American people are introduced to Dr. Paul on Tv, they shouldn't have to see Dana Bash each time...with her personality being just as ugly.

Did Dr. Paul draw the short straw or something? Put some eye candy around the man CNN! And, maybe a little bit of personality wouldn't hurt.

Dana needs to learn that we view her attacks on Dr. Paul like Catholics would view the Pope being punched in the face.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

Who would you suggest?

Who would you suggest? Britney Spears perhaps, Paris Hilton or some other of your American luminaries that impress the world with their intellectual merits?

Judging someone by the looks really scrapes the barrel...

While I understand your point

While I understand your point and partially agree with you, why do you think Fox has all of their beauty pageant contestants as pundits now? Why are the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders supermodels? Why does that utterly useless Kim Kardashian grab headlines 24-7? Why can't people wait until Thursday nights to tune in and see what J-WOW is doing on Jersey Shore?

Not saying I agree with our society, but it is what it is. If you have attractive women (same goes for men) with great personalities interviewing Dr. Paul, it gives the viewers are far more pleasant experience than a nasty acting Dana Bash.

Just sayin...

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

and...beauty is more than

and...beauty is more than JUST looks. It's the combination of looks and personality...how friendly someone is, how they smile, etc.

I think Carol Paul is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL person in her own right. Her friendliness is infectious...having only met her for a few minutes this week. She reminded me of Mrs. Clause....so sweet.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

Wonder why we poll bad with

Wonder why we poll bad with women?

We'd be polling over 50% if

We'd be polling over 50% if the hacks like Dana Bash actually reported news instead of trying to make it.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

I think it's just nature

I don't like to generalize, but women are afraid to upset the apple cart, and many have a nanny-like mentality, so when they hear things like "Let people be free to make their own choices, good or bad" they become afraid. The maternal instinct to protect everyone from doing harm to themselves kicks in and makes them gravitate towards a more "safe" choice, even though the others are actually extremely reckless in their policies and world views.