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Ron Paul in Debate in Baltimore, MD on September 27 - Register!

PBS will be hosting a debate at Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD on Thursday, September 27th from 9:00 PM to 10:30 PM. Tavis Smiley will be moderating this debate and you can find more information about the debate, which will have a special emphasis on affairs concerning minority communities, in this article. This event is especially noteworthy as it marks the first debate appearance of Fred Thompson, and there is decent chance that he and Ron will end up going head to head some point during this night. I encourage as many people to attend as possible.

When people see that we dominate an audience, that makes a huge imapct. From here on in, we need to get as many people into every debate that we can, because they need to hear people cheering for Dr. Paul, not cheering for the other side. I would encourage every Meetup within driving distance to post this information to your members so that those who can attend will be able to do so. To that end, here is the information for how you can get tickets, and we should reserve as many in advance as possible.

Information About Tickets

Tickets will be available for pick up on a first come, first served basis at 10am on Monday, September 17th at the Murphy Fine Arts Center box office located at 2201 Argonne Drive, Baltimore, Maryland 21251. LIMIT 2 TICKETS PER HOUSEHOLD.

Out-of-Town guests may request/obtain tickets, by calling the Murphy Fine Arts Center box office at (443) 885-4440 during business hours (Mon-Fri: 10 AM - 7 PM; and Saturdays: 10 AM - 4 PM) starting at 10 AM EDT Monday, September 17th. To be added to the ticket “reservation” list, you will be required to provide your name, phone number, and address (name and address must match name and address on government-issued photo ID). Tickets WILL NOT be mailed. LIMIT 2 TICKETS PER HOUSEHOLD. All guests must show a valid government-issued photo ID (i.e., driver’s license, passport, etc.) in order to pick up tickets; all reserved tickets not picked up by 6pm, Thursday, September 27th will be made available to the general public.

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Ron Paul is going to do fine here!

This is going to be a great debate. If you enjoyed the fairness of the value voter debate where everyone had equal opportunity to answer questions, you will like this debate as well.

I have been waiting for this since I saw the Democratic debates.

I am looking forward to seeing the Yahoo debates as well where Bill Maher was able to give a very tough question to each candidate.


I Can't Wait!!

I have been looking forward to this debate for several reasons.
1. Fred Thompson gets to show how unimpressive he is in debates.
2. I live in one of America's blackest cities, Memphis, TN. I have spoken with some of my black coworkers about Ron Paul. The biggest hurdle Ron has to overcome to get black votes (according to them) is getting them to believe he's trustworthy and he cares. If he can come across as someone trustworthy who means what he says, who seems compassionate, he can pick up alot of black support here, because they don't trust Hillary or Obama at all. The guys I work with are dead set against the War and really see their vote as a chance to end the war.
3. It is on PBS, not cable which means more poor people (like me) could be watching. I think Ron Paul's message has to reach and inspire the poor to vote if he's to win in 2008.
4. Tavis Smiley interviewed Ron in the summer on his radio show , and he was very polite, very fair.
5. A PBS debate means good coverage on NPR and on the News Hour, both of which give topics and candidates much more time than ad driven news.


I have seen Mr. Smiley in a few interviews and found him to be a very honest and "keep on point" guy. Although I believe the Dem debate was probably decent because he is a Democrat with Libertarian leanings. I think he will be moderately fair, rather I hope.

PBS Debate

I also watched the Democrats Debate by PBS & found it to be the most Fair & Balanced I've ever witnessed in my 30 years of being able to vote. It was done so that the candidates lined up randomly & did not lump the supposed top 3 together in the middle or the supposed bottom 2 at each end. Everyone was given Equal time to answer each & every question, unlike all other debates on the MSM stations where only a select few get to answer a specific question. Tavis would also sternly cut them off if they went over their 30 second or 1 minute answers. This was refreshing to watch & I am by no means a Democrat, however, if Ron Paul was not running, I would have to give serious consideration to Mike Gravel & Dennis Kucinich. The Irony of it all though, is that it is PBS putting on a Republican Debate, since PBS is generally viewed as a Liberal Organization & yet are the only ones who seem to understand what a True Debate is all about. I look forward to this day & hope it is the most watched Debate yet. It certainly Deserves to be, as the supposed bottom tier candidates finally will have their day in the sun. Just ask Gravel & Kucinich. And as for GuiliWannabe & RobMe, they are not much for Fair & Balanced Debates & have already Wasted more than enough of our time in them, so they may be Excused. Good Luck DR. Paul & it's now time to Be-Head Fred & show'em who the only TRUE PATRIOT Really is!

Maybe now we will have a

Maybe now we will have a moderator that will ask Ron Paul questions about something other than Iraq or the war on terror?

I'm getting tired of the only OB/GYN on the stage who has not only delivered a lot of babies, but has witnessed an abortion being done, not being asked any questions on the matter.

Instead they go to someone who only has a viewpoint from their faith, not from personal experience.

Here's to hoping this is a FAIR AND BALANCED debate. Ron Paul sure could use it. I think that's why his polling on a national scale isn't that high, they won't let anyone else hear what he has to say.

Tavis Smiley debates are "fairest of them all"

I'm not sure how many of you watched the Democratic debate that Tavis moderated, but it was the most amazingly fair format I have ever seen. The candidates were randomly dispersed along the stage and each was given equal time to answer. They'd pose one question, and go down the line having each candidate respond before moving on to the next question.
Tavis is also a strong and assertive moderator, keeping people honest and within their time constraints.
I look forward to this debate more than any of the others.

Go Ron Paul!

Look At All The Happy Creatures

Romney and Giuliani won't be there.

I hope they stay away. PBS will get a good viewer turnout; it is likely to be less confrontational and annoying than the CNN or FOX debates; and with Romney and Giuliani out of the picture, Dr. Paul will have a chance to speak without being ridiculed, misquoted or giggled at.

I am glad Flubber Thompson will be there. I think he plans to sing Zip-a-dee Doo-dah.