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Thank You Daily Paul for Helping Us Reach 100

Dear Daily Paul,

I want to thank all of you at the Daily Paul who have helped launch our news site. Not only have hundreds of you visited our site, many of you return time and again. If you are not aware of Brave New Times, we are a news site that covers the news in a fashion that draws all political parties to our site and hopes to keep them at our site long enough to learn something about what has made America great and what is needed to keep Lady Liberty going strong.


By using Google Analytics we can see where people go once they have entered our site. When people come to our site through an Obama article, 63% of them go to our "American" section next and spend an average of over 8 minutes there.That means that they are reading several of our stories that make people proud to be American. This is the unique feature of our site, and obviously it is working.

Again , I want to thank all of you who have visited our site and signed up for our Email subscription.We really appreciated the support. Just like the Daily Paul, we feel that our news site is a tool used to unite the American people for the cause of freedom.

Below is the link to our Story Celebrating 100 Articles:


Jeff Olen


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The best story I have ever Read

Well in a long time.

I checked out your site...and this article is so ridiculously funny, especially about Perry and Santorum!


Mike's first story with us.

Yes, we love that story too. That is Mike DiLalo's first story with us.

The irony is he said it was one late nights ramblings that took him 20 mins to write. I don't know about the 20 min. part....but, it took us a lot longer to edit it and put all the concepts together.

Mike was an awesome find, and we are defiantly keeping him.

I personally love the part about Obama

It is all to funny! Especially about the most voted upon concern on the white house website.

That is a very well written article.

Former Obama Supporter here

Because of Brave New Times I am now a Ron Paul supporter. Just last month I was looking for a positive article on Obama for a school project. Google led me to an article about how Obama is not to blame for the current economy or something like that. I have to say after reading that article, I walked away understanding that it up to us, the people to make sure we prserve our rights and freedoms.

So I read further into there site and saw some of the most unbiased stories on there sight. Some of them linked to other the original source, but those original articles were actually negative. I noticed a trend with Brave New Times trying to keep it positive for everyone on there site. So upon further reading many of the articles, I realized I was a Ron Paul supporter all along.

So I started to Google Ron Paul and only a few click and I was here at the Daily Paul. Needless to say I can't believe that I used to support Obama. The Daily Paul is the best! And Thank you to Brave New Times. Because of them I am alive and well in the name of freedom.

Thank you for joining the cause for liberty

What article on my site (Brave New Times) drew you to Ron Paul?

It makes me feel good to know that we are making a difference.

The one about Ron Paul

The one about Ron Paul attracting college kids from across the US. Non of the other candidates have anything like this. Well... at least from what I could find.




Thank you!

I really have no idea what I would do without the Daily Paul.


We all say that


I am new here

And totally agree!

This place is a God send!

Thanks for educating people

bump for Liberty!

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

What does bump mean?

What does bump mean?

A "Bump" is

When you comment on a story it puts that story on the top of the list. So by default when other people are commenting on stories, this one will get pushed down and off of the front page. So if someone likes the story and thinks others should read it, but have nothing to contribute, they will "Bump" it back to the top by posting "Bump" especially if they came across the story on the second page or further back.

Thank You Legalize Liberty

For always being the voice of reason here at the Daily Paul.

I notice your comments often!


I was one!

Hi Jeff, I think it is great that your site has published that many articles so far. I am one of your readers!Great job. ~Mike~

Thanx Mike!

We really appreciate it. Have you signed up for our daily Email subscription yet?

Are there any stories you like better than others?

Is there anything you would like to see us write about?