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Eric Cantor Iran War-Hype


This article is pretty amazing to me. Europe is trying to convince us that embargo's aren't the solution to all of our problems, and Eric Cantor, who I used to have respect for on fiscal issues, doubles down on the pro war message. He's advocating beginning the planning stages of military action against Iran, against the advice and will of our European allies.

What is happening to the Republican party? Are they still drinking the Bush kool-aid even with Ron Paul surging daily, establishing the platform Republicans MUST run on if they want to ever have success as a party?

How can we encourage the people of Iran to overthrow their government, which is the only way the regime will ever lose power, if we are giving them a reason to be united in their hate for us?

War is becoming the Republicans version of an economic stimulus, deplorable.

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It's simple.

He's a neocon.
And ALL neocons that are in any position to make decisions are OWNED by Israel. Completely OWNED.
The fact of the matter is that the Republican Party has been taken over by a foreign country, along with plenty more in the Democrat Party, and the US gov't is being run from Tel Aviv.