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As much as I'd love to see RP go head to head with Obama, I think it would be equally interesting and effective if he were to run as an independent and announce Kucinich as his VP right away. This would build a coalition that Tea Partiers and OWS-ers could not ignore. Progressives and liberals could not ignore the appeal if Kucinich was on the ticket from the get-go.

I understand why he is running as a republican and why that makes sense to try first, but I would be really disappointed if all the campaign amounted to was RP getting a speech at the convention. The republican party is a huge machine that has continued to diss RP and they will do whatever they can to appease him and dismiss him. Yes, his ideas are coming into the mainstream, but a speech at the convention is hardly a victory. I don't want to see him sacrifice his principles for the sake of the republican party.

If he doesn't get the nomination, an independent run is a must. Picking someone like Kucinich right away and forming a coalition would be the smartest thing and could easily garner 30% of the popular vote.

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Now and

Health Care?

"Kucinich Switches Vote on Health Care"

You can write-'em-in, if you like.


I agree, but I think Nader would be a better running mate. He doesn't play the game the way Kucinich does.

Kucinich is a Traitor

He is the person responsible for passing the Mac Daddy's health care Fiasco - he says no to Obama's plan it doesn't get passed

Not to be trusted after going back on his word & a very poor choice as Ron Paul's VP

"You Cannot Stop An Idea Whose Time Has Come"

I am not a Kuncinich fan. I

I am not a Kuncinich fan. I made a donation I reget when he was championing a fair vote count - then I listened to him and was sorry.

Stop with Dennis. The call

Stop with Dennis.
The call him more names than RP.
And he really is a socialist.

I like him on the views he shares with RP.

But he really is a big government wealth distributor.

He speaks out against corruption.
But he's too dumb to realize that the size of government aka the cash jackpot is what attracts the snakes.

It's not going to happen

In 07/08 I was where you are. I refused to join the GOP (everything MSM has said about the GOP, who would join?) Ron Paul had said something about the GOP being like a third party and could be/should be taken back, but I REALLY wanted him to go Indy (I was registered "Decline to State Party" since 1992. I've waited a long time for an Indy and Gosh, how PERFECT Ron Paul would be, eh?).

When Ron Paul announced is run for REPUBLICAN presidential candidate 2012, I joined the GOP and began going to my county's Republican Central Committee meetings. I found DEMOCRATS, OPEN Democrats, admitting they were Republican in name only, occupying the GOP, for the Republicans who, for whatever reason, didn't attend.

I wacthed my RCC vote for every tax, every Obama/ Democrat law. Not one time did any of them stand up and say, "NO!"

They are now participating in Occupy State Parks, because the State gives us jobs.

Ron Paul told us the truth about the GOP. MSM has lied and in many areas, like my county, it is being occupied by Democrats. If just ONE more Ron Paul Republican in my entire county would show up for a meeting, we could rule this county. Ron Paul KNOWS this.

On the national scene, Ron Paul's son, Rand, is now a REPUBLICAN senator. Ron is NOT going to abandon his son, and all of us who believed him, and joined the GOP for him to WIN the nnomination. Ron Paul, whether he wins or loses, is going to remain a REPUBLICAN and continue to STAND with us. We are a FORCE that is taking the Republican Party back, as we take America back from the socialists and communists who have invaded, occupied OUR Party and country because we let them. We let them by running away and being Independent, going Third Party.

Ron Paul is MY political leader. He is a REPUBLICAN, and I am now a Republican. I attend every meeting, volunteer for everything GOP, because I'm supporting Ron Paul 100%.

Join Ron Paul. Join the rEVOLution. Join the GOP and meet me in Tampa FL to win the GOP nomination!

He's almost certainly not going to run third party/independent.

I'd love to see it too, but it just isn't happening. He's in it for the long haul to the GOP convention floor.

Support the Constitution of the United States

Sigh. I wish people would

Sigh. I wish people would stop mentioning Kucinich in context with Paul. The guy's a flaming socialist. Ron Paul already does well with independents and Democrats, so I don't even see what good strategy-wise having a flaming socialist on the ticket would do. It makes no sense at all.

Not as well as

he could have had he invited Kucinich to be his running mate.

I agree. Picking a running

I agree. Picking a running mate solely to get votes is not going to happen. Kucinich is a big-spending liberal. There is overlap, but much of their ideology is conflicted. It would be a ticket of confusion and contradictions and be a laughing stock. A strong unified message is a must.

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Yeah... that'll secure the nomination for him. I'm sure Republicans would love seeing that socialist one breath away from being President with a 77 year old in the Oval Office.

Yes, obviously a good

Yes, obviously a good point... but remember that the Paul campaign is different because it isn't about the republicans. It's the one campaign that brings people together instead of panders to wedge politics. Kucinich is in favor of ending our world empire and unconstitutional warfare, is against the patriot act, and wants the Federal Reserve audited. That's a hell of a good start to removing the wool from the eyes of the majority of Americans who consider themselves to be democrats or republicans (whatever the heck those terms mean anymore).

Kucinich voted against the

Kucinich voted against the FULL audit the Fed and voted for the pro-corporate Obamacare after saying he wouldn't. I used to have some respect for his principles, but now the only thing he is reliable on is the anti-war vote and to be honest I think he'd vote in favor of an interventionist war if promised universal healthcare in return