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FoxNews is asking for us to submit evidence of media Bias

.They just spent an hour talking about media bias and ended with asking viewers to submit any evidence they have


Not kidding.

They talked a lot on the show about Romney fumbling the States and Constitutional question from the last debate when he had to refer to Dr Paul. Was it a 'gotcha' question and so on.

Where do we start?

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Do NOT WASTE TIME - the link above does not WORK!

Folks, as stated when this thread first went up, the link/e-mail address above does not get us through, so don't waste your time.

If anyone finds a good e-mail address, I'd love to send them some examples.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Here's two independent studies...

Send them these two links... and be sure to tell them to have a NICE day!



Tell them to ...

turn on their own station and just watch. If they can't see it it doesn't matter.

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Just sent this

How about the 100% nationwide TV BLACKOUT of SC State Sen. Tom Davis' endorsement of Ron Paul? ALL major candidates courted this guy during the summer, meeting with him and groveling for his endorsement - because he is that well liked in S.C. BUT, now that he endorsed Ron Paul, there is an absolute blackout. I can't even find a S.C. TV Station that ran this story - or a newspaper for that matter.

Of course, this could merely be part of the norm where TV repeatedly discuss the primaries without even a mention of Ron Paul, despite his overall 2nd place standing - but this one reeks more than usual.

(THe people are waking up - hopeful not too late, to the media-assisted "Matrix" we live in).

Cos Cob, CT

Falling viewership is evidence of no confidence in their


Hmmm, can we impose a class-action lawsuit on Fox and other media?


On drudge, the daily show, something big. Get it out there. We can't allow them to just get away with this.

Emails are bouncing back. Doesn't work

I sent an email and it bounced back and i saw some people on RonPaulForums saying the same thing.

Sounds about right...

Now they can say they asked Paul supporters to prove bias but Paul supporters couldn't provide proof.

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start now!

turn to the news channel, ANY news channel. Record, and submit! It's that simple.


http://www.reddit.com/r/ronpaulcensored pretty sure there's a reddit for this very thing

Mox news

he has all the videos I bet he could pull a few out of his hat. He sends me 20 videos a day


As I recall there was a number of YouTubes that showed Ron Pual being censored after debates and them even leaving his name off.

Building a SOFA Database on Everyone? Trying for Ratings?

DON'T! Then their RATINGS Would Soar What a Joke. They know what they do, it serves no function for us to watch them. As commenters below have observed: They need to do their own work. We need to help Ron Paul not Fox. I'm sure they would love to have someone else collect all of the examples, so they can be more creative with future bias, or IF SOPA GOES into effect, they have a DATA BASE ON EVERYONE and all their videos. Meanwhile, the author of SOPA has pirated himself. Lamar Smith from Texas has infringed on some artwork. His website failed to give credit to an artist. Opps hypocrisy. Click here: "Lamar Smith, SOPA Author, Says Won't Back Down Despite Fierce Criticism"

how about huckabee

saying at the start of his SC debate Ron could not be there because he was campaigning in Nevada?

How about...not covering the Tom Davis

endorsement of Ron for starters?

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They want to refine

their propaganda.

This site does a pretty good job

Warning: This could motivate you to donate.


πολλα γαρ πταιομεν απαντες ει τις εν λογω ου πταιει ουτος τελειος ανηρ δυνατος χαλιναγωγησαι και ολον το σωμα

I think they do gotcha on everybody

Its just everybody else has so many things to gotcha about and Ron Paul is so squeaky clean their gotcha's are lame.

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This ongoing issue was thoroughly covered by Judge Napolitano on Freedom Watch during the past week ... waste of time ... moving on...

www.silenceronpaul.com <------------

Everything is all there...


(so sad)

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tell em to look at their own files

Its there.

Except there is a difference of perception

They have no clue what is and what is not.They have had a free reign for so long their perception is different. They are asking for help because they have no perception of right or wrong in these matters.They just don't "see" it.

Unconstitutional War - "The story you are about to hear is true; the names and places are being changed to protect the guilty."

Do not respond

They will pick the worst argument against them, put it on the air, and paint all Ron Paul supporters' complaints as juvenile. Just like they find the worst poll or take the dumbest caller or email to make the news. They will ignore the best and find the worst and make us all look stupid. Don't take the bait.


this is a call for INaction, with regard to a response


This past week oN Daily Rundown with Chuck Todd (MSNBC)

Two days in a row from 9 - 10 am, Ron Paul's name was mentioned only one time. I don't normally keep track but it was ridiculous. Seems Mr Todd has a thing for Santorum...but just want mention Paul at all. Huntsman wasn't really mentioned either BUT he hasn't finished where Paul has nor does he poll as well in the Palmetto state.


Plus there ratings are LOW!Do Not answer them!DO NOT GIVE THEM RATINGS!!!!

Wait, so we should send

Wait, so we should send something?

Don't Send Them Videos

If you send them youtube videos they will just have them taken down...
I would suggest sending screen shots .. there are plenty of them out there..
here is a link to some examples

I agree

We shouldn't do their job for them. The more Foxnews struggles to connect with the general public the more they become irrelevant. If they can't figure this one out themselves then it's just another credibility hit for them.

Foxnews is looking for a foot in the door of credibility but, unfortunately for them, they don't have a leg to stand on.