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SC Senator Tom Davis Ron Paul Endorsement Reported by Local Television Station

Here is some new info


"Some endorsements are made based on perceived pragmatism, others are made based on the potential for personal gain or political self-promotion. My endorsement of Ron Paul is based on his 30-year record of protecting taxpayers and the plans he has put forward in this race to balance our budget within three years." More:

Sen. Tom Davis Endorsement Announcement

Spread Facebook Pic: Tom Davis Endorsement Ron Paul

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Endorsement video pointer anywhere?

Is there a good video of Sen. Davis's endorsement speech containing better sound quality? The audio I've seen is hard to understand and quality is distracting to the message. Thanks.

The night is far spent, the day is at hand.
And those who have not heard shall understand.

Hyphenate the Debt, and Cut $1,000,000,000,000

We need to hyphenate the national debt, because quoting Ron Paul's spending cut is messing up the formatting:

"Paul said he'd like to cut the budget $1,000,000,000,000 in his first year in office..."

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Fix News

I just cannot believe how bad Faux News is. I used to be their biggest fan, (ex Neocon, sorry) but they are so amazingly unbalanced and unfair. Just watched 30 minutes of their propaganda about the South Carolina situation. They showed a poll and left off Dr Paul. And in the entire 30 minutes they never mentioned him-not once! Kept talking about the battle for second place between Gettingrich and Saintorium. Unbelievable. Then they started talking about us backing off the Iran threat and gave some BS excuse for it. Why don't they just tell the truth - we're backing off because Russia and China are threatening all out war to stop us. We've got to get our insane "leaders" voted out. They will be our undoing. There is only one candidate who isn't beholden to the banks and mil-industrial complex. RONPAUL2012.

Can't expect national MSN coverage for endorsement by....

... a local legislator.

It might be too much to expect national news to cover an endorsement by a state legislator.

Now if Sen DeMint endorses Paul and there's no coverage, THEN you have something to complain about.

However all the SC papers especially the ones in the upstate, should be covering it.


How about sourcing this article instead?
Sen. Tom Davis endorses Ron Paul for president

Read more: http://www.thestatecolumn.com/south-carolina/sen-tom-davis-e...

And include the video link too.

You have the best thread with Tom's quote.


Time to To Top Off His Campaign Account

If we want more endorsements, we must make those other politicians aware of the rewards.


With politicians, money doesn't talk, it SCREAMS.


When I see this in your face pure biased Main Stream Media, I don't get mad, I just reach for my wallet. I may come out of this broke but I will throw every extra dollar I can rake scrape and borrow at the good Dr. The more money we have the more adds he can run and that is the only way the American people will ever get the truth. Do not for one minute expect the MSM to give Paul a break. They are owned by the Big money boys, you know the same big money boys that are backing Romney. Do not pay any attention to the biased polls that the MSM puts up either. Non of them poll the independents or cross over Democrats. The SC poll does not take into consideration the military vote which is huge and we all know who will get those votes. Just keep digging and we will beat these people. Our country depends on it.

Thank you

It is people like you w1945 that restores my faith in humanity. You are right, we might go broke but we are not slaves. We are part of the growing number of free people and free thinkers on earth. We know the price of Freedom: Constant alertness and constant willingness to fight back. There is no other price. Moreover, there are more and more of us all the time that know and do this. That is what is making the mainstream media minions go nuts. All we have to do now is keep doing what we are doing and the voice of freedom will be heard and it will resonate in the hearts of mankind. The antisocial few will always rant because of their guilt and complicity like the desperate and corrupted souls that they are.

The ones we see like Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly are mere minions. The ones we don't see are the ones that we need to expose.


Billy Jack's picture

Even fucking CSpan is part of

Even fucking CSpan is part of the blackout. Nothing on the rally and, instead, they've been running a Santorum speech every other hour since 6:37 pm Sunday.

Cos Cob, CT

i know right.

him in his effin sweater vest in a bar with like 5 people listening to him. the blackout is greater now than ever. we need to write letters to the the MSM and let them know we're still here and pretty angry. this is something that should have been reported.

I know how you feel but

writing letters will have no effect. You have to realize that the MSM and Big Money are fighting for their very existence here. They have no shame and they have no pride. They will use ever dirty under handed trick in the book. There is only one way we are going to beat these people and it is called MONEY and more MONEY. We have to make sure Dr. Paul has the funds to combat these people. Bottom line if he does not get the donations then he is not going to beat the MSM.


Tom Davis is a GREAT SPEAKER

Media Spin!

If you scan the MSM news posts related the endorsement, all the MSM ones start with Paul Returns to SC ... What F***ing crap. I am in the media and can see the spin. Trust me. I just got banned at CNBC who had a legitimate post of the news release and I grabbed the link and reposted it on the Huntsman article which was front page news... then within the hour CNBC pulled down both the RP article (which was well written) and my post...

This really just happened. I am sick over it and my industry which is obviously corrupt at the highest levels. Good journalism and freedom of speech are being censored. STAND UP. Post this version of the story which is not spun wrong and tells the unbiased news. Here is the link. http://www.thestatecolumn.com/south-carolina/sen-tom-davis-e...


Say No To Status Quo -- RP12

You are absolutely right

The MSM is corrupt beyond belief. Saturday I sent in another $50 to the Ron Paul campaign. That put me over $600 total. I am on a fixed income but I know what it is going to take to beat the MSM. Paul has to past the airways with his on adds and that cost money. Now I know $50 is not much but for me it is. Give this some thought. We know RP has a few million supporters. What if every one of his supporter gave $50. Can any one even start to imagine how much money that would be. When you run a money bomb for days and you only rake in a little over one million then something is bad wrong. People sit back and say, "oh well I will just let this slide because some one else will do the giving." I tell you folks that is not going to cut it. Just $10 is all I ask from every one. Most of us can do that much and not break a sweat. That $10 could just get your freedom back and over come the MSM. Please give that some thought the next time you are asked to give.

Way to GO... you inspire

Way to GO... you inspire me... i am donating again!


Say No To Status Quo -- RP12

Blog of Endorsement on CNN Front Page...For Now

Now RP endorsement is on CNN front page 2nd story top left... Finally, but still only a blog... wait until morning and see if it too gets censored by the Senior Staff... and where is the full story? My prediction is we will be forwarding our own posts more than we should.

This time I have a screen shot...

Say No To Status Quo -- RP12

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It's not just the mainstream

It's not just the mainstream media - it does not appear as if ANY local TV ran anything on this!!! There is NO question that this is a concerted effort from on high to COMPLETELY black this story out. I am more convinced than ever that the Huntsman random timing thing has EVERYTHING to do with this - it gives these co Kai Kees some sort ofmplausible deniability in their minds at least.

Cos Cob, CT

Ron Paul's full speech


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Video: Tom Davis endorses Ron Paul 1-15-12

Video: Tom Davis endorses Ron Paul in Myrtle Beach SC 1-15-12

ABC News:
Ron Paul Returns to SC, Picks Up Endorsement
Jan 15, 2012

Ron Paul Receives Pivotal Endorsement of South Carolina State Senator Tom Davis

Ron Paul “game-changing” endorsement

Video - South Carolina State Senator Tom Davis Endorses Ron Paul
Sunday, January 15, 2012

South Carolina State Senator Tom Davis Endorses Ron Paul for President

Prominent Sc State Senator Tom Davis Endorses Ron Paul 2012!

Senator Tom Davis endorses Ron Paul

Senator Tom Davis endorses Ron Paul

Sen. Tom Davis endorses Ron Paul for president
Read more: http://www.thestatecolumn.com/south-carolina/sen-tom-davis-e...

Senator Tom Davis Endorses Ron Paul

BREAKING: SC TEA Party Leader Endorses Ron Paul

The politico piece is a spin job

Starts off by saying Paul was out of state for 4 days and that undermining the annoucement by stating that the "game-changing" accouncement was a local state senator. Anyone reading the first few sentences would read it as a negative article. So infuriating.

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ZERO actual Television

ZERO actual Television coverage of this in SC or anywhere else. zERO.

Cos Cob, CT

Terrible turn of

Terrible turn of events.

Huntsman owed his anti-torture, anti-blowback, non-intervention supporters a Paul endorsement.

This towing company line by endorsing Mr. Establishment

Travesty. Especially in such a heated primary.

I was really Hoping for a Paul/Huntsman ticket.

Those willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both.

Not to worry

the smart people backing Huntsman are now backing Paul. Only the idiots would now back Romney.



Again the MSM is deathly afraid of Dr. Paul and the fact now he has crushed Santorum their straw dog to end Paul's campaign. Senator Davis' endorsement is the second biggest news of the day next to Huntsman pulling out and yet I cannot find it anywhere accept online at non main stream and some local sources...

I know... this is just more of the same media blackout Paul has endured since the beginning, but dammit this HAS TO STOP.

Join me in POSTING the Tom Davis Story on CNN, MSNBC, Huffington, NY Times... all the major outlets! Eventually we will get the word out. Dont let the Bastards take away this HUGE endorsement away from Ron Paul, and with it lets end Santorum campaign (BTW Santorum covets this endorsement by Tom Davis... its gonna kill him if MSM will tell the story).

Post this link which is by CNN but not headline news

Down with Corporate Oligarchy that now controls the MSM and American Politics. Support Ron Paul

Say No To Status Quo -- RP12


Good speech.

Good speech.