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I've got an idea, for a song/video ...

I've seen some posts on here talk about good campaign songs. Seeing that made me start thinking about the current pivotal moment we're at in our history and the crossroads we stand at literally facing the choice between freedom or tyranny. For some reason, I was naturally led to one song. The lyrics say it all:

"...If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change .."

"I've been a victim of a selfish kind of love ..."

So bottom line, making the change for the good, starts with .... US, by looking looking at the "Man in the Mirror" ... i.e. us as indviduals. So that song would be: "Man in the Mirror" - Michael Jackson

In order for us to make that change it starts with us making that change by not only voting for Ron Paul, but supporting him in any way way can, and spreading the message.

I'm not a video guru, but I know there are lots of folks on here who are. To you, i'd say that I'd LOVE to see an inspirational Ron Paul video made with "Man in the mirror" as the backing music. The song ends with this phrase: "make that change" .... it just makes sense, and I think it would make for an awesome video. The video could include not only the infamous Ron Paul event images and clips, but also have text statements/facts/etc. sprinkled throughout so that someone who isn't a Ron Paul supporter (yet) watching it would be semi-informed about Ron Paul while getting inspired (Let's face it that song is inspirational) at the same time so they'd look into him more, and join in in making that change.

Here's the video of the song:


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Great song for a Ron Paul video!