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Commercials in Spanish

Not sure if this has been discussed. But I wanted to point out some statistics on census.gov, along with my thoughts that a good number of Hispanic people come from their countries to America for political reasons. The ones that I talk to love the freedom message. This could be potentially huge IMO.


Run them in the cities with the highest Hispanic populations. Ex: South Florida, New York, California, Arizona, Texas, etc.

9.7 million

The number of Hispanic citizens who reported voting in the 2008 presidential election, about 2 million more than voted in 2004. The percentage of Hispanic citizens voting — 50 percent — represented a statistical increase from 2004 (47 percent).
Source: Voting and Registration in the Election of 2008

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Trade With Cuba

That was popular last campaign.

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Veterans speaking in Spanish

would probably be easier and cheaper, and more effective.
Especially if there was a way to emphasize there is no other way to keep social security except to stop the endless wars.

There should be a Money Bomb for it

It's extremely important to reach out to the Hispanic community, because Romeny/etc supporters are working hard on scaring the Hispanic community with lies of Ron Paul being a RACIST who will deport them.

Perhaps we ...

..can do the advertising ourselves. Is this possible? "Big Dog" is a great material. We can do it dubbed in Spanish.

They can be in English

Half my family is Mexican, we watch a lot of shows on Univision.
Quite a few ads are in English.
I can totally see the Big Dog ad!

I have read that RP speaks Spanish

if he does,it would sure be powerful.

can anyone confirm?


I bet he can say "push" and "breathe" in Espan~ol. Y, "Es un nin~o."

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/



And high viewership due to few stations!

Good idea.

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