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CNN: Paul Scores Sought After Endorsement in South Carolina

After near blackout...snail's pace CNN finally reports Tom Davis endorsement. Report too fresh, even comments at this writing is at "nil".


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Just now, 426 FB Recommends, 305 Tweets & 208 Comments so far!!

Great News on Tom Davis SC endorsement is spreading fast like...


P.S. I even read a pro-Santorum voter comment, now switching over to Ron Paul due to Sen Davis announcement.

Appears his flight history

Appears his flight history gets more coverage than a key/high-level endorsement.

All part of their narrative to consistently attack Paul.


Positive news . How to get this out?


It would be a big help if

It would be a big help if this link was on the video only thread.

We can spread it to other news outlet easier.

Finally got some coverage

Hopefully tomorrow will bring some national TV coverage. I just left a comment there "awaiting moderation" so we shall see.